Make Yourself Indispensable – Four Roles That Are Seriously In Demand

Posted on Dec 2 2016 - 7:43am by Editorial Staff

There are a lot of careers out there and there are plenty of people who aren’t entirely sure what they want to do. It’s no crime to not have a serious passion at the beginning of your job. It just means you have a more objective look at which career paths might be best for you. For instance, you might want to look at which careers are the most secure. To that end, we’re going to take a look at some of the most in-demand jobs at the moment.


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Money is a vital part of every business. Yet learning to make good use of it is a skill that not every business owner is going to be able to achieve. Accounting is complicated, which is why a lot of business owners hire someone specifically for the purpose of doing it. Whether you start up your own business, outsourcing your skills, or you work in-house with a company, you’ll find plenty of people wanting your penny-counting skills for themselves.


If a business is involved in retail, manufacturing, construction or anything involving materials, they need to have those materials brought to them. Or taken to the customer. There are a lot of different jobs in logistics and a huge demand for it. One of the highest demands at the moment is actually for drivers. If you like being on the road and you handle tasks that are going to test your endurance, then you should consider looking into a truck driving job. Otherwise, there are plenty of other roles in the industry you could work towards.


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Analysis and accountancy have very similar job descriptions. Accountants look at the facts and figures involving money and use the data at their disposal to come up with solutions. Analysts do very much the same kind of thing. They might do it with data. They might do it with efficient work practices. They might do it with customer retention. If you have a good problem-solving head on you, then analysis might be the career for you. In fact, it’s been a popular choice amongst students of the sciences who decided not to work in the field they initially chose.

Human resources

You don’t need to be a logical genius to be in demand, however. Those who are great at dealing with people and resolving conflicts are going to have a home in human resources. Yes, HR gets a bad rap, mostly because a lot of people who do it aren’t giving it the best name. It’s an industry in need of people who are both organized and empathetic to the needs of the organization and the individual. If integrity, confidentiality, and interpersonal excellence are among your traits, it might be exactly the right role for you.

If you start a career in one of the trades mentioned above, you will find plenty of demand for you. It’s all about finding the one that fits your current skills the best and getting the training you need.

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