Make Google Proud By Cleaning Up Your Links

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 1:27pm by Victoria Heckstall

Google Panda

Google is the top search engine that is used by millions of consumers’ a day. When Google makes rules, website owners take head in order to stay at the top of the Google search results. Staying in Google’s good graces is a great way to continue to draw in traffic and make money in the game of ecommerce.

Truth about Traffic

Traffic is the number one concentration of web developers, as it should be. The only way to gain more customers and more revenue is to bring traffic to your website. Previously, website owners were less concerned with how they gained traffic as they were with bringing in traffic. Every sort of trick in the book was used to bring in customers, including leaving links all over the web. Link building was a great way to have your website gain the status of an authority site and bring more traffic. With more traffic and more interest, a website was almost guaranteed to move up in Google ranking. Reaching the first page and first spot of Google were and still are major accomplishments and web builders spent all their time discovering every nook and cranny of the web to bring in traffic.

Google’s Pet Projects

Google as a company is interested in offering the best in search results to consumers. With a release of several different systems, such as Google Panda and Google Penguin, Google cleaned up websites that would be considered spam sites and websites that offered little, if any content that is of any use to website consumers. In all, this move helped to make Google search engine a more efficient one, and a more popular method for searching (if it’s even possible for Google to get more popular).In releasing these cleanup programs, Google has changed the market for website owners. Now, just any backlinks won’t do. If you wish to be seen as an authority website, clean up your old links to make Google proud.

How Backlinks are Gained

In the rush to reach the top spot of Google, website owners may have placed backlinks to their website content anywhere. This could mean that backlinks were purchased, and placed onto websites created solely for backlinks. Many web marketers caught on toadding links to competing websites in order to build backlinks and bring in traffic from consumers that were already interested. Backlink exchange programs were one good method that was used, via guest posting on another related webpage.

If you have links that are considered to be unsavory, you may find that your web page has trouble ranking in Google. Since the aim is always have the highest possible slot on Google searches for your keyword, you must revisit your techniques in order to make sure that you are not appearing as a spam page. Unfortunately for some, this means going back to get rid of any spam like links. You want to clean up your website before it is too late. You may have received unnatural link warnings from Google or you may know that you have unnatural links already. If this is true for you, you need to remove these links as quickly as possible so that you have the chance to recover and salvage your Google ranking before it takes a hit.

Backlink Removal

Removing links is a tedious job under the best of circumstances. If you have built up tens, hundreds, or even thousands of backlinks, this job is likely the kind of project that you want to hand to a professional. An SEO outsourcing company can help to remove backlinks that are not benefiting you and can help you work with, instead of against Google Penguin in order to build up to the top spot in Google the natural way. A SEO company will best know how to operate the web tools that will remove backlinks that are counting against your website. Along with the removal of penalizing backlinks, the seo outsourcing company can suggest and help you implement avenues of growing your website presence and bringing in higher traffic. Following the lead of a company who regularly helps website owners to build a better web brand is the best way to gain a fresh start and beat the backlink blues.

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