How To Make A Creative Work Environment

Posted on Jan 26 2015 - 9:18am by Pearl Whitehead


Those that work for a creative industry know that it’s completely different to your average 9-5 office life. Maybe you’re a graphic designer, or a copy writer, and you may spend a lot of time behind your Mac screens, but the surrounding environment is very important in inspiring the creative process. Creative people are stimulated by observing their surroundings and can grasp and develop ideas from merely looking around them. Interesting people eh? Well, if you transform your work space in to a fun and interesting place, it will help let the creative juices flow, and will open up that imaginative part of your brain allowing it to run wild. We all get writers block from time to time, or find it difficult to come up with a creative concept for a new client. To help us out of these tough times, looking around us and sourcing inspiration from our environments puts us back on the right track, letting ideas blossom like beautiful flowers. You may feel your office space or workshop is lacking a creative spark, or you’re finding it hard to gain artistic inspiration while working. Have a read of our tips on how to compose a creative work space to motivate you in achieving your creative goals time and time again.

Display Artwork

If you ever studied art in your former years in the education (oh, when everything was so simple), then you’ll be aware that when practising art you gain inspiration by observing other artists to influence you in your own work. Okay, so you’re not the next Picasso or Monet, but you still need to feel influenced and motivated in your work place. By hanging artwork on the wall, you’ll not only enjoy admiring the pretty pictures all day, but you’ll be subconsciously inspired by the creativity, making a more positive working environment. You should even think about framing some cool and witty prints with motivational words to do with your agency. This will help remind you of your purpose and duty when you drift off on a Friday afternoon dreaming of a lie in the next day. Make sure the artwork isn’t jumbled and too close together. Make it spread out equally allowing the right balance of wall space and artwork. If you overcrowd and clutter the walls you’ll just feel like you’re trapped in a jumble sale, and it will be far too distracting.

De-clutter Your Desk

This may seem obvious to anyone working in an office, but a messy desk is not going to make you feel productive. It also will aggravate you when you can’t seem to find anything you need. Keep everything organised in folders, and if you take something out be sure to put it right back straight away. Boring? Well, yes. However, by keeping up the routine you’ll be thankful in the long run for spending those whole ten tedious seconds where you had to put something away. As your desk is now clutter free, place something fun and amusing down that will inspire you. Be it a silly photo of you and the Mrs, or the Churchill nodding dog, or a mini statue of Darth Vader. Whatever you think will make you smile or keep you feeling positive; pop it on your desk. By adding something a bit quirky and entertaining to your desk it will prevent you from being bored of a plain and dull surrounding, and will therefore inspire you to make genius and stirring creative work (supposedly).


“Don’t do it, when you want to go to it”. Listen to the righteous and inspirational words of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. One must relax at ones work place. The beauty of a creative industry is that you don’t have to be wearing your finest suit and have your hair slicked back all the time, only for those all important meetings. Wear comfortable clothes that will help you chill out and feel at ease when you’re working. Maybe not rock up in your pyjamas, but wearingyour favourite converse with a loose fitted shirt and jeans and you’ll be rocking the right look. Also, make sure your office chair is comfortable too. Make sure you’re given the right support by the chair and you’re not having too much strain on your back. Another great way of helping you relax is by going outside on your lunch break and walking around. You’ll get some fresh air which will relieve your frazzled brain, and you’ll be able to stretch your weary legs. So, when you come back to sitting down in the office, you’ll feel fresh and ready to get cracking again.

The Sound of Music

Music is a great way to get us through the day. Be it helping us through the cleaning of dishes, or keeping us company on our journey home, music is our savour. To help spark creativity and keep you from going insane in the office, you should always have some music going. This can open a big debate to what music to listen to in the office, as some prefer the soothing sounds of an acoustic guitar, and others prefer blaring out some punk rock. Whatever you and your team favour, you want to make sure it doesn’t distract you, but stimulate you instead. Make it fun and give everyone an allocated day to when they’re in charge of the music and can play whatever musical genre they please. You’ll be surprised what certain people listen to!

About the Author

Pearl Whitehead is an experienced writer working for Cefar, a digital design agency based in Leeds, UK.