Maine Area Codes (Infographic)

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 6:57pm by Editorial Staff

Many states across the country have multiple area codes as a result of numeral exhaustion or not enough phone numbers for each area code. Various factors come into play that result in new phone number creation, but they’re something that the state of Maine has never come up against. In fact, Maine is one of 12 states across America that has only one area code and will for the foreseeable future — well, except for one small section of the state on the border with Quebec, Ontario, Canada. However, that reality is still not enough to overcome the interesting facts surrounding Maine’s only area code.

The state’s 207 area code manages to serve 1.3 million people and has never had an overlay or split. Its boundaries stretch to the state lines. Communications experts predict that this venerable area code, established in 1947, will stay intact until at least 2024, almost 80 years since its inception. The town of Estcourt Station relieves some of the pressure on the 207 area code. This town rests on the U.S.-Canadian border and uses the Quebec area codes of 418 and 481. Estcourt Station also gets its energy needs satisfied by Hydro-Quebec, a Canadian company.

The state of Maine manages to keep its solo area code because it is the least densely populated state east of the Mississippi River. Unless the state experiences a population surge, the 207 area code should continue to serve Maine’s residents. Find out more about the 207 area code, its history, and facts about Maine’s population in general in the infographic below.

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