Lumia 920 Is The Most Used Windows Phone Device

Posted on Apr 9 2013 - 5:09am by Editorial Staff


According to a new data revealed by the AdDuplex, the Lumia 920 is now the most used Windows Phone handset, passing on its predecessor, the Lumia 800 in context of market share. The firm on the basis of 494 applications, who have AdDuplex’s technology on board, bears about 14 percent of the market.

The network notes, that the Windows Phone 8 platform now accounts for 43% of market share, while Windows Phone 7 platform constitutes for 57% of market share. The firm also notes that this is “a huge achievement since [the Lumia 920] was only at number 4 position a month ago.”

Counting the things towards conclusion, Nokia and HTC both together accounts for 94 percent of the Windows Phone market.

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