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Posted on Oct 13 2012 - 7:00am by Editorial Staff


SPONSORED POST: SenseiPhone, one of the best known iPhone blog, now offers iPhone 5 unlock service over 230 carriers’ networks worldwide. Apple recently said regardless of the brand new iPhone 5 selling price, the phone topped 5 million, getting over the opening weekend for the iPhone 4S just about last year with one million units, but the SenseiPhone claims that they are able to unlock both iPhone models.

The spokesman Paudi for SenseiPhone explained that the website addresses a variety of common issues and information of common problems, besides the iPhone IMEI unlock service, the site also providing iPhone carrier checker and even more. If iPhone owners need to factory unlock their iPhone by IMEI, the first step in doing so is finding out which carrier their iPhone is locked to.

“With the cheapest iPhone unlock prices, fastest turnaround times, and outstanding customer care, we have grown to be the top amongst our competitors in the market around the world,” Paudi pointed out. “Unlocking your iPhone will give you the ability to use your iPhone with any network worldwide,” Paudi said. “Our site gives you the ability to unlock the AT&T iPhone, including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S as well as unlocking the iPhone 5.”

“Once you have found out the carrier’s name, you can select the appropriate iPhone unlock service,” Paudi noted. As for when you’ll see results, Paudi explained that once visitors to its web site submit the IMEI number and make a payment, the code is instantly available.

“However, we manually sort out and send the code via email, but you will get the results in less than 12 hours, otherwise you will get it for free,” Paudi said. “That’s unheard of in this industry. Our guarantee to you is that we will give you the information you need and a 100 percent refund in case we are late delivering the results you want and need.”

Now that the iPhone 5 has launched, SensiPhone.com can unlock it for anyone. Paudi, however, cautioned that currently the company only unlocks the AT&T iPhone 5.

“If you just got your brand new iPhone 5 today and want to factory unlock it, we’ve got a hand to help you unlock it,” Paudi said. “This factory IMEI service will be very useful for anyone with a locked iPhone 5. We can unlock the person’s iPhone 5 even if it’s under contract.”

“But don’t worry, if your iPhone 5 is locked through another carrier, just let us know using our contact form and we’ll help you get it unlocked,” Paudi said. “We provide a permanent and lifetime unlock for your iPhone 5, and you never ever have to worry about getting re-locked again.”

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