London Data Center Staff Will Sleep With Servers Fearing Olympic Traffic Jams

Posted on Apr 13 2012 - 5:50am by Editorial Staff

With the Olympics 2012 round the corner, Dutch data center management company Interxion has revealed plans to bunk employees in its London facilities right next to the servers they maintain, fearing that its London staff could create traffic jams and mass transit overloads which results in getting into the office not on a reasonable amount of required time.

Slashdot user 1sockchuck writes:

“Staff at Interxion’s London data center are ready to hunker down during the Olympic Games this summer, nestled in snug sleeping pods adjacent to the racks. The arrangement will ensure that the facility will be fully-staffed if London’s transit system is taxed by the huge crowds expected for the Games. While staff in many industries might object to a plan that expects them to sleep in their office, data center firms have a primary calling of keeping their facilities operational at all times. Is this too much readiness, or just enough?”

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