A London Business Travel Guide For Americans

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The City of London is home to corporate offices of many of the world’s flourishing businesses. If you conduct business with a multinational company or a company with a global outlook, then more often than not, the first few places you will travel from the United States for business will be the city of London. Once in London, you will primarily need two things – one – a good accommodation and the other – a few spare days, where you can experience and relish the life in the cosmopolitan city of London.

What to see?

From the Big Ben and the Eye of London – for those picture perfect photos; a trip to The Wembley and the Lords for sport lovers as well as the countless marathon that have inflatable arches strewn all over the city; the Madame Tussaud’s for celebrity buffs to the Victoria and Albert Museum for true connoisseurs of art, London boasts of attractions for one and all. If work is bogging you down and you just want to sit back and relax, London is also home to some pretty top notch spas, and holiday retreats that give you all the pampering you deserve after a long conference.

Like New York and Los Angeles across the Atlantic, London has a cosmopolitan nightlife that is unlike any other across the globe. So if you are up for it, London has some of the most talked about pubs and nightclubs that are wild and come on the to-do list of every party goer.

How to get there?

With a wide variety of attractions to visit and the city bustling with traffic, travelling across the city can be quite a nightmare. Luckily, the city is also connected by its Underground Tube railway network that can transport swiftly, by passing all the traffic on the streets. Just like the public transport back home in the United States, the Underground tubes are also quite crowded especially around business hours, but can save you valuable time as you hop from one attraction to the other.

Who to see there?

London also happens to be one of the few places where the monarch’s is still revered and a trip to the Buckingham Palace cannot be missed. Watch the Guards at watch, or changing of the guard ceremony when you visit the palace and if you are lucky enough, a glimpse of the Royal family as well. In case, the Royal family does not interest you much, you would probably like to be the part of the Hogwarts family. If so, visit the Warner Bros. Studio, where you can see the platform 9 and three quarters and relive the Harry Potter movies in real life.

Where to stay?

But there is only so much you can do in the day and you need a place to relax and recharge yourself for the next day. Much like it back home, London has a range of hotel options right from Trump scale luxury to affordable hotel and motels (although they don’t call it that). If you are on a really tight budget, there are many bed and breakfast options available all around the city. After a scrumptious Full English breakfast, you can head back to the variety that the city of London has to offer.

If you are willing to travel a little onto the country side, a visit to the Stonehenge is recommended but if you’d like to stay within the city, there is the option of the Open Top Bus Tours. A Helicopter tour over the city offers picturesque views of this sprawling city, while the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour takes you to the finest chocolate boutiques in the city.

Events in London

Annual events held in and around London are globally popular.Chelsea Flower Show in May, Fashion weekend in September, Lord Mayor’s show in November are a few of the annual events that you simply cannot miss if you are around in London.


London is the headquarters of a large number of businesses;the city is also home to many smaller global businesses, which you will most likely discover during your stay here.The city is large but comparatively smaller than those we have back at home, so covering ground is not much of an issue; however stay clear of rush hour traffic. Areas such as West End, Shoreditch, Southwark, and Canary Wharf are popular destinations for offices and help businesses stay connected with the world.

Sports in London

While London is popular for its Wimbledon tournament, it is also home to some other popular events such as the Head of the River Race in March, London Marathon in April where you might have seen those inflatable arches (which can be purchased back home in the United States), county cricket tournaments in summer and if you are lucky, will host one of the tests on the Ashes Tour.

From sports to eating, shopping to sightseeing, nightlife to secret tours, life in London is always exciting. If you are in London for business, stay on for a little longer and enjoy the joys of life in London.

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