How To Live The High Life In Dubai

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Traveling to Dubai will be a luxurious experience whatever your budget; it’s been built with tourism and relaxation as focal points, so they know how to treat their visitors. You don’t have to check into a six-star hotel to enjoy an opulent experience once you’ve arrived (although, go right ahead if you want to). You can stay in beautiful surroundings that didn’t cost you your mortgage, and still enjoy a luxury vacation that you’ll be telling your friends about for the years to come. The following are some tips and ideas to help you find the best places to relax in style when you go on your Arabian adventure.

Experiences To Remember

Dubai doesn’t have to involve days and days of flexing your credit card around a mall (more on that a little later); there are awesome things to do outside of the luxury resorts that will become some of your best experiences and memories. Dubai was built on a desert, and there are still plenty of beautiful dunes surrounding the city; so book yourself onto a desert safari and enjoy the sand and sunshine. A magical sunset will round off your day, along with a scrumptious Arabian meal at a traditional camp site; the perfect way to enhance your opulent getaway.

Traveling back into the city of Dubai; you can’t miss the impressive Burj Khalifa that towers above everything. Take a trip up the building for some unparalleled views of Dubai, and enjoy a glass of fizz i one of the bars or restaurants to toast to your adventure. You’ll need to book your tickets before you go and explore all 163 floors (there’s a fully functioning elevator so don’t worry); it’s not the trip for those with a fear of heights.

Indulging In The Finer Things

Now you’ve planned your activities and the sights you want to see; you can start jotting down all the food and drinks you want to treat yourself with. Sites like are perfect for finding where the best restaurants are for fine dining, so you can book yourself a table in good time and fill up on food after scaling the Burj Khalifa. Cocktails constantly flow in the many bars around Dubai, so check out for inspiration on where to grab an evening drink.

If shopping is your talent (told you we’d come back to it), then you’re in luck; Dubai has the world’s biggest shopping mall, and it’s full of designer labels and independent brands. It’s worth visiting the mall for the experience, even if you don’t plan on spending a fortune, to see its aquarium, fountains, and the sheer size of the place. Take a look at The 7 Top Places To Go Shopping In Dubai and get some retail therapy inspiration. You’ll be able to spend as much or as little as you like, but there’ll definitely be shopping options there for you. After you’ve had a busy day on your feet in all the stores; you can head to one of Dubai’s many luxury spas for a relaxing treatment. A massage or facial will be the perfect ending to your luxurious trip to the United Arab Emirates, so treat yourself!

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