List Of Browsers Which Works Really Better For Mac Computer

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 10:27am by Diana Maria


Browsers are software programs that help users to browse content on the World Wide Web. With the increasing popularity of Mac systems, users are demanding browsers that work better with these systems. There are a number of browsers that are available for Mac users, and the best performing web browser for Mac is the one that you enjoy using. Below is a list of browsers we personally recommend for Mac users.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox web browser offers some interesting features and reasonable security. It is the champion of extensions and add-ons. You can modify anything on the browser and there are wealth of add-ons that make it the best performer for Mac users who want to get more out of the internet.

Extended tabbed browsing enables you to open multiple websites from only one window of your browser. If you happen to close any tab by mistake, you can again open them by using the history in Mozilla Firefox. If for some reason your system restarts, Firefox restores the recent tabs that were running.

Firefox offers strong protection against malware and phishing sites. A warning pops up when you try to access sites known to install malicious software. Firefox’ address bar works like a personal assistant by helping you access the frequently or recently visited sites in super-quick fashion. It takes very less time to load pages.


Safari is another browser developed for apple devices, and is also one of the most popular web browsers. It is an excellent browser for many of its great features like speed, clean aesthetics and ease of use.

The Safari browser is able to detect lengthy articles that are interrupted with annoying advertisements. By clicking on the “Reader” button on the right corner of the address bar, Safari displays the article in its Reader window without the annoying stuff that distracts the reader.

The Search Snapback feature allows you to get back to the original search you made after clicking on a series of results.

One of the amazing features of Safari is the ability to quickly capture text to a note-taking interface- Stickies. When you’re browsing and want to store a bit of information, simply select the text and click shift-cmd-y. This will copy whatever you had selected and paste it onto a Stickie note for safe keeping.

Inline Dictionary is another one that is available in Safari. Simply select the word and click the ctrl-cmd-d keys and you get the definition for the highlighted word.

The Activity Window enables you to view what images, scripts and pages are being downloaded behind the scenes when you browse the web. Overall, Safari is a fast browser in terms of navigating to pages.


Chrome is a fantastic browser with a well-defined address bar and visually appealing layout. It was initially developed for Windows users but now it is available on Mac and Linux platforms. It incorporates all the unique features of a web browser- speed, simplicity and compatibility. The browser provides a simple, easy to use interface, smart features and simple solutions that no one had thought of before. Chrome allows you to see the list of different browsers that are currently running on your Mac system and the amount of memory they are using. If you haven’t explored Chrome yet, you should give it a try and discover what it can offer.

Chrome’s New Tab page shows your most visited websites and downloaded apps. You can delete individual pages; however, you cannot add your favorites’.

Chrome automatically upgrades to the latest versions in the background, so you don’t even notice it.

If you have a Google account and sign into Chrome on another computer, your bookmarks, apps, extensions, theme and other browser preferences will already be there. Desktop shortcuts are made very easy with Google Chrome.


Get faster, free and safe internet with the latest browsers for phones, tablets and Mac systems from Opera. Opera allows you to customize your desktop. Its page zoom feature allows you to zoom out the complete web page. You can even share files and images directly from the browser. All you need to do is hit the “Share” icon from Opera’s menu and choose from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others to share a link in a snap. With Opera Link, you can take your favorite websites with you, wherever you go. When you find a page interesting, use Opera’s save feature and you can access it anytime, without internet connection. Its easy downloading feature helps you download files faster. It also offers excellent security feature against various internet threats.

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