Linux Foundation Adoption Trends 2012, Eye More On Enterprise End Users

Posted on Jan 23 2012 - 6:18am by Editorial Staff

The Linux Foundation, in partnership with Yeoman Technology Group, recently conducted an invitation-only survey of 1893 enterprise Linux users. The survey pool was comprised of The Linux Foundation End User Council, as well as other companies, organizations and government agencies selected by The Linux Foundation and Yeoman, revealed Linux was gaining popularity in enterprise computing.

The survey confirms that among new and veteran Linux users, 84% of organizations currently using Linux have expanded its usage over the last twelve months, and it is still on the rise, as their preferred platform for “Greenfield” deployments, as well as for mission-critical applications.

The report said, “eight out of ten respondents, they have added Linux servers in the past one year. Only 21.7% of respondents are planning an increase in Windows servers during the same period of next five years. More than 75% of respondents expressed concern about “Big Data” and nearly 72% are choosing Linux to support it.

There is a nearly 12-point increased in those participating in Linux foundation activities, an 8-point increase among respondents who are working on code and a 5-point increase in those who are testing and submitting bugs. The foundation also cited that technical issues among respondents dropped to 40% over last year.

If the fold goes in similar manner, probably Linux would yield out more enterprise end users, but on the other end, we do have to wait till Microsoft too will reveal its end users numbers for the year in comparison with the previous years.

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