Lifestyle Modification Is The Biggest Part Of Your Health

Posted on Aug 13 2013 - 12:20pm by Tanvir Alam


Attitude is an important parts of human life how we can see the other things in life, the same way lifestyle is also an important part of your life. A healthy lifestyle can lead to a better life while an unhealthy lifestyle which is full of indiscipline can lead a painful life. Only medicine can’t help you to become healthy, because if there is any problem with your present lifestyle a short time medicine or a long term medicine taking can’t help you there anyway, because you have the problem in root. So you need to solve this problem. Now the question is what is Life style modification? And how will I know that I need to change my lifestyle.

Life style modification

Lifestyle means the way we do our activities, the way you live your life, we behave, it relates with every single things we do from first light time. Our eating habit, how we like to eat, when you eat and what we eat, is there any time for exercise in our life? How we cope with our stressful situations. It’s a complete pro-active approach; we need to bring some appropriate changes in the way we love to live.  If there is anything wrong with our way should change that things and need bring a different method to do the certain things. This is we call lifestyle modification.

Do you know lifestyle is the biggest reason for being sick? Yes it is. Only Medicine can’t help you if you can’t change your existing lifestyle. Wrong diet, no physical activities and also no exercise; mental stress, all these can lead you to a competitive life; alcohol, smoking, pollution that means lack of fresh air these are the major bindings of your healthy living. All these will manifest you to high blood pressure , diabetics, high blood cholesterol, without warning and unwanted heart attacks, stroke or cancer. Now its time to think about your lifestyle, need to give some important concentration on it.

Proper Diet Plan

Diet plan relates with everything you eat, what kind of foods you love and need to recognize the foods with low calories and the foods with high calories, need to make a balance between those. You have to avoid foods with high fat and high in cholesterol.

Everyday Exercise

Exercise is a vital part of your life, if you don’t have any physical activates your body will get lazy and it will work against you.  Start your beautiful day with any kind of exercise; it’s a great way to start a day. More over exercise can increase your metabolism so fast which very important for you.

Reduce Mental Stress

It’s not only your problem alone in the world, think positively; Its human life and we fall any kind of problem and whatever the bad situation, just we need to change your attitude towards obstacles, need to take every stress and bad situation positively, sometimes do something that you like, listen music, watch movies, go outside and play games, have fun with the kids, do anything what you love to do. You can also do some meditation, go for dance club, laughing club, short tour for two or three days, etc.

Some beautiful things in life you must know:

  1. Smile! Always remember you have got a good smile and people love it.
  2. Be kind and show kindness to others, this is great for you.
  3. Love the green, go outside and feel the nature for sometimes
  4. Help other people who are in stress and help them to find out their problems.
  5. Do your job positively with highest attention and efficiency this will give you a great mental satisfaction.

Well that’s all today. The final words for you; be green then you live green.

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