Life As A Freelancer: 5 Rules To Remember

Posted on Jun 4 2012 - 4:08pm by Editorial Staff

Thinking about a career as well as life as a freelancer but do not know how, what, and when of Freelancing – like – what it would be? How you dealt with clients? or even How you ask the clients for money for the work done?

Or over the top how you chase a new client when there are 100s of freelancers all around – questions are many but answers are not – but, in order to make this easier for you to understand, I with the medium of this article – discussing about working as the one, your lifestyle, culture, scheduling, dealing with clients and lot more.

In order to make life simple for you, I am dividing the whole into 5 basic rules or 5 things to follow while working as a Freelancer –or in simple words, your 5 point guide to understand how you can make big by considering Freelancing as a lifelong career.


Summary: Stop doing comparisons from the starting


I know we are living in a world where everyone wants to be at no. 1 but still it does not mean that you will remain at the no. 1 position throughout the life.  People often think that I have to be on first position as soon as possible. Yes, you can but do remember one thing that the person who is currently holding that position also go through the same phase of life as you are standing right now.

But the fact is that s/he know all the four stands that how to be at no.1 so what first to always remember is that Yes, I can be on no. 1 position, but I to have to follow all the same steps just like the person who is currently holding the position go through.

In between, remember at the top, in this entire race, there is really no place for low self confidence. Only, that person can win the race who knows how to make it. Freelancing job is not the regular 9 to 5 job but it is more rewarding and with years it can make you proud either that you are in this race as a Freelancer.


If you wondered the other person having skills that you do not have, than dear do remember all five fingers of hand are not equal either. I do accept that the other person does have so-calledother better skills,” but so what you do have your own skill set.

There might be a question arises here that we both are in the same field but still s/he is better than me. Do remember here that person did a lot of hard work to achieve that skills, you too can get either, but all you have to do is make your mind, instead of comparison on the things; it is agreeable, the you can’t have 101% skill-set as other have, but at least if you try, you can make it sooner, but not lately.


Summary: You can get the one, but all you have to work on proper tactics, as getting the first client is an art.



Asked by many, solution still not complete – How you get the one? The one such person that will probably change your life, the one that give you a first freelancing break – the one that really make you think that yes, I am after all in the right world that I belongs to.

A big one question – well, Okay let’s try to find out the answer for the same.


Sooner the time we start building our freelancing career, the question aroused at large first that when I will get the one and in how much time? The answer, starts by saying let’s figured out different resources one have (the time I started mine first job as Freelancer, I got mine first client through Networking).

Yes, Networking the biggest tool of all time – the one that turn you into grabbing the one – the one that really brings a big smile on your face – really a bigger one (I do got the one either).

Second tool to get the one – we are living in the world, where our whole world starts and ends with internet –there are 100s of freelancing sites over the internet (mine favorite is Guru) – on these sites you can search for the projects, bid on them, and if lucky you can grab the first client – but this resource required patience – as by this, freelancing sites sometimes requires a huge time to make the things come in your favor – but it will come, definitely.

There are other old fashioned ways too – they probably work for some, it includes: cold calling, in-person, job boards etc.

One more that I like is to optimize your portfolio – sounds different – optimizing portfolio – Yes, I am saying that only “optimizing” – now how is it possible – consider an example, if we are into website business (say suppose), we think of optimizing it with keywords, so why not we do the same with our portfolio, as these days, even portfolio be made online. If a client is in search of some skills that you owe, and you had optimized it pretty well and client search it over say Google, so optimization brings your portfolio on no.1 page of Google. So, think about it – sounds technical but provides the best results.


Now, you have your first client with you, but still there are some wise words: Your first impression is your last impression. So, be on proper schedule – no late, nothing worked at this stage – client is putting money as well as more important trust on you, now it is you to decide, whether you want to make that trust or just in spite of money, once the project done it’s over – thing big again loosing the client means you are losing your work cycle – as if you not able to give the right work  at right time – your client will never come back to you, moreover, in his/her known by, s/he will blacklist you.

But also if you are just starting, in earlier stage of Freelancing and having very first project, you can offer it for free as it gives you a real life experience plus an add-on for your portfolio. But, this rule meant only for initial project not for 10, 15th or bigger projects, as do remember working as a freelancer, you are your own boss, but figuring out things like scheduling or money is in your own hands, so make decision more properly with care.


Summary: Life as a freelancer is not a hard life, but you need to know how to make it a rocking one.


All day work and no play make Jack a dull boy! We often heard this, same stands here to, as a freelancer you do have to work a lot, sometimes leaving your social life either, but still you can take time out. Working is important and be on time either, as freelancing is not 9 to 5 job, but in actual it is more big, you are your own boss (the best part), no time limitation on how you work and how often you work, you can think independently, and also you can work while sitting in PJ’s (honestly, mine favourites Pajamas). So, relax be good with clients, remember scheduling and money, and not be impatient ever as freelancing is for those who wants to be in long run but in different manner.

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