Lenovo IdeaPhone K860 Review

Posted on Feb 6 2013 - 11:47am by Editorial Staff

Lenovo, one of the best laptop manufacturers of the World have shaped their interest to Smatphones. Lenovo recently launched a Smartphone, phablet to be more accurate with the name IdeaPhone K860. The phablet has really surprised everyone with its performance. The phablet can be ranked no 2 this year right after Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Design of Lenovo Ideapad K860:

Looking at the design of Ideapad K860, one should surely praise Lenovo for their success. On the top of the phablet ther is the Power button with 3.5 mm headphone jack.  On the right of it, there is a volume rocker with positive and negative keys, both circular in shape. The micro SD card slot is on the left side of the phablet. The phablet is only 9.6 mm slim which weighs less than 200 gm (193.5 gm to be exact). The phone looks classy with the design and is loved by the customers all over the world.

Lenovo Ideaphone K860

Lenovo Ideaphone K860


Lenovo Ideapad K860 is 5.5 inch phablet that fits perfectly on the palm. There are no hardware keys beneath the display. Above the display lays the Lenovo logo.

It gives a resolution of 1280*720 pixels. You can ready text easily without Zooming.  One thing that may hurt some of the customers is the reflective screen which means one may face problem in viewing under sunlight.

Apart from this, all other features including the color depth are amazing.


Ideapad K860 comes with an 8MP flash camera. Image quality is equally good.


Ideapad Z860 comes with 1.4GHz quad core processor.


Ideapad K860 has a 1GB RAM. It comes with a very good capacity of internal storage. The phablet can store upto 8 GB of memory which is expandable as well.

So for music lovers, there is no reason to worry. They can store unlimited songs and listen to them anytime they want.

Personal Experience of Gaming

The phablet is awesome for the game lovers. It comes with Mali 400-MP graphics chip. Needless to say, the gaming experience is incredible and better than Optimus Vu.


This phablet from Lenovo comes with 2250mAh battery. The battery performance is average.  It lasts for one day when fully charged. If we compare the battery life of Ideapad Z860 with Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we can see that Note 2 can run for 2 days when fully charged. Lenovo could have done better with the battery life. Still the battery life is not bad but is average.

Price of Lenovo Ideapad K860:

MRP- 28999 INR

Pros and Cons:


  • Price looks affordable when compared to Optimus Vu phablet.
  • Sophisticated tools
  • Good Performance


  • Runs on older version of Android
  • Average battery Life
  • Reflective Screen


The phablet is indeed good, no doubt. But if Lenovo is really serious about producing smartphones and phablets, they should increase the numbers (which is very much possible in the near future). Apart from the non-availability and the outdated version of Android operating system, I could not find any other issue with the phablet.

Lenovo Ideaphone K860 scores – 9 out of 10 in our scale. Great work done. Kudos to the team Lenevo.

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