Why A Label Maker Can Help Your Business

Posted on Jun 27 2017 - 5:38pm by Editorial Staff

If you own a small business, one of the best tools you could have at your disposal is a label maker. Admittedly, certain businesses will feel like having a label maker is redundant, and that is often the case for retailers that are based exclusively online and selling virtual products. Yet, don’t be mistaken in thinking that a label maker is only of use for producing shipping labels. In fact, this versatile device can help your company in a number of ways.

For labeling

When it comes to labeling items and filing your documents, a label maker is a smart and efficient way to create order in your filing system. Many files may be save online now, however, there will still be a need for physically storing certain documents.

Essentially every label maker – whether it is targeted at businesses or for home use – has the required attributes to label things. I mean, the clue is in their name! Although, take into consideration that there are a variety of label makers that use different materials, mechanisms, features and label sizes. Because of this, make sure to do your research and choose one that best fits the needs of your company.

For mailing

As an alternative to personally writing an address or printing sheet labels via your normal desktop printer, a label maker is typically judged as the best small business option for manufacturing shipping labels. For mailing purposes, this device is also arguably the most common reason as to why companies have it in their repertoire in the first place.

The reasons for this are that label makers combine practicality and affordability in one attractive package. Not only does it make your packaging look that much more professional with high-quality prints (especially if you’re currently handwriting addresses), but they also usually produce labels at a fast rate with efficiency in mind.

As for which label maker is best for a small business, the Dymo LabelWriter400 or 450 is a safe choice. With no need to purchase ink cartridges and with blank labels being cheap due to the LabelWriter’s general popularity, it falls safely in the realm of affordability. Yet, it doesn’t sacrifice quality despite its inexpensive price point, and the LabelWriter boasts an extensive list of features – from manufacturing address labels with your company logo to specialist price tag labels.

For barcodes and scanning

Other than producing shipping labels, one of the most popular features of the LabelWriter is its ability to create barcodes. It should also be noted that plenty of other standard label makers can make barcodes, with this aspect being popular with independent stores that are displaying their own items for sale.

Although it is usually only associated with the more premium choices available on the market, select label makers also have the luxury of using magnetic ink. The added benefit of this is that it allows the label to read via a scanner or other similar device.

Label makers can also be used to organize and keep order around the office. If your employees need lots of stationary, folders, paper, etc. then you can help contain the clutter into their labeled places.

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