Kodak Tries To Stop Apple Outside Bankruptcy Court Over Patent Claims

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 5:57am by Editorial Staff

The photographic company Kodak, which is in the urge of bankruptcy which it recently filed, is now looking forward to put up a “pause” on the patent war decision that Apple filed last month from being made by an outside court, reports WSJ. The Apple’s patent case is actually just an old case that the iPhone maker is bringing back to the court over patents having to do with technology used in printers and digital picture frames.

Kodak is arguing that the decision over whether the patents are part of its assets or not should be made by the US Bankruptcy Court itself instead of following the suite to a separate court. Thinking of the possibility, if in case, Apple’s requests get approved by the Bankruptcy Court, then the suit can move to the ITC as well as US District Court resulting in the products to get blocked.

The bankruptcy loan that amounts $950 million is mostly based on the fact that whether the camera maker company can able to sell the patents or not, which comes with a valuation of between $2.2 billion to $2.6 billion – if Apple can lay a claim, then it has the “strong” possibility of blocking a sale. The hearing is scheduled to be on Thursday in which both Apple and Kodak will put their part of story.

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