Know Arab Culture Through An Artistic Way

Posted on Apr 16 2014 - 10:19am by Maya Grace

Arab Culture

Dubai city is not only well known for providing fascinating activities, but capturing a huge number of visitors with lots of exclusive entertainments. There is not any single action, but a variety of live performances and actions are there to please guests while among all dancing is one that has a significant importance in the city. At various places special arrangements of live dancing performances are organized to entertain guests in Dubai. In the following lines you can get an overview of such places in Dubai.

Fire Dance

This kind of dancing performance is known for various names like fire spinning. The fire dancing show can be experienced during the desert trip. It is organized at night and looks amazing when there is complete darkness all around in the desert. It is the heritage of ancient civilizations and a gift for the Arab region. It is an exclusive way of dancing such as balancing of things burning along with the tempos of songs. It cannot be declined that fire dancing is one of the most attractive and enchanting dancing action during the desert trip.

Belly dancing

Arab culture is very rich and very famous fictions and stories are associated with it. It is providing several fascinating activities to visitors with lots of exclusive entertainments. It contains various dance shows that inspire tourists towards this traditional city again and again. Everyone listens to a lot about belly dancing at the overnight desert trip. Compared with what has been recommended by its name, it contains the activity of all areas of one’s body and not just the tummy. This dancing type arose in UAE but became a preferred of the European nations as well. Belly dancing is known to enjoy expressionism, art and health. In Dubai, one can enjoy it during the desert trip and also during the luxury dhow cruise in Dubai trip where the sparkling dressed belly dancer entertains guests while they are busy in taking their night meal.

Tanoura dancing

Tanoura dancing is an Egypt traditional dance which is normally performed by male members. This dancing is known for the vibrant dresses, used by men and the very quickly moves made by them. It is performed on several occasions like in marriages, family gatherings as well as during social events.  The whole act is a tale that speaks about how man can link with the Almighty. Tanoura performers have unique light-bulbs in their outfits that are litting during the dance and that are representing new life. It is a way to express happy feeling and emotions in a very unique and different style.

Your Dubai trip will allow you to observe these exclusive dance shows and fill you with awesome enjoyment. You will experience the mystic attractiveness of deserts and actual encounter of Arabian evenings during your Dubai desert trip, dhow cruise journey and even in several city hotels when you are enjoying  delicious flavors with your family or friends or colleagues.

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