Kids And Baseball: What Do They Need To Succeed?

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Sport is incredibly important to a child’s development. There are a lot of physical benefits, such as sustained health and fitness, not to mention stress release. But, there are also good sociological benefits like learning how to work in a team and make friends. A sport like baseball can have a positive impact on a child for the rest of their life, which is why it is important they partake whenever possible. The best way for kids to play sport is for them to succeed- when they are good at something, they tend to want to continue and be the best. So, how do you help them succeed from an early age? There are no definitive answers, but here are a few tips with regards to children and baseball.

Praise For Their Effort

In today’s world, there is a focus on results. The culture is results driven, and that permeates every aspect of society, even sport. From a child’s point of view, that is not a healthy relationship. Kids are a smorgasbord of heights and physicality, and some are bigger and stronger than others. At certain ages, this can mask ability. It is important that you praise their effort and their will to learn than it is the actual result. Only then will they start to understand the game and have a superior knowledge of how to be successful.

No Pressure

When kids feel pressure, they tend to wilt. And who can blame them? After all, they are only children. Still, it is amazing how many kids feel the pressure to succeed, even at an early age. It is true that some kids need that to get better and to perform at a high level, yet most don’t. The majority of kids need a healthy platform that they can use to enjoy playing baseball. Without an enjoyment for the game, they won’t want to continue their development.

An Interest In The Sport

Baseball is all around. Turn on the TV or pick up the paper and you will find a program or article about baseball. The country loves baseball, so much so that it is America’s favorite sport. It is important that kids pick up on this and start to feel an affinity with baseball. Watching baseball games or reading baseball articles or playing baseball in the backyard is integral to success. They learn traits and qualities that allow them to be better than the average baseball player. Make baseball fun and they will fall in love.

The Right Equipment

For all the moral and ethical links, it can sometimes all boil down to what they are wearing. It doesn’t matter how much they like playing or how interested they are, they will find it hard to succeed if they don’t have the right kit. The people at Youth Baseball Gloves, for example, stress that they need a comfortable glove to aid catching. The same goes for bats and hitting the ball, as well as cleats and running.


Practice makes perfect. The ten thousand hour rule states that for anyone to be a master of a skill, they need to practice for ten thousand hours.

That means now is the time to get started!

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