Why Kenya Makes For A Great Family Holiday

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Traveling as a family can be a challenge.  Besides having to think of safety and entertainment for your children, you need to find accommodation that is geared toward families so you too can have an enjoyable holiday. Many might think that Kenya is not the ideal place for a great family holiday, but they will be wrong. This country has so many option available for families that it makes the prefect destination for any international family wanting to have an exceptional trip. Ideally you should read the Kenya travel guide which is one of the most complete resources available on the web.

The most impressive thing for families is visiting the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Narok County, southeast of the capital Nairobi. This region in Kenya is world renowned for its population of Maasai lions, African leopards and Tanzanian cheetahs. More so, this protected national reserve is known for the Great Migration that takes places annually. This natural spectacle will grab the attention of grown-up and kids alike. Animals like the black rhino and the African elephant have been hunted to near extinction for their horns and ivory. To experience these creatures in the wild is a gift that, sadly, your children may not be able to enjoy when they are older.

While in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, your younger ones might even learn some warrior skills. You can visit the nearby Maasai village where you and your children can learn to throw spears and make fire. The family can try their hands at milking cows, and even try to jump higher than the Maasai. Children of all ages will enjoy experiencing their rich culture and witnessing first hand a very different way of life.

To enjoy the rich and diverse culture of the people of Kenya, you should visit the Bomas of Kenya. At this culture center, located close to Nairobi, you can see traditional dance performances and you can even try your own hand at some Kenyan crafts.

To experience something really special, and view some of the best preserved examples of Swahili architecture, go to Lamu Old Town, situated on Lamu Island. Originally a Swahili settlement site, this UNESCO World Heritage Site affords tourists a unique opportunity to learn more about African culture.

For an alternative to Lamu Old Town, you can take the family to the Gede Ruins. These are the remains of a Swahili town close to the coastal town of Malindi. The ruins date back to the 13th century and are a graceful example of how African tribes once lived. Situated amongst the ruins is a historical tree which is available to climb for an extra fee. The ruins are popular with Western travelers as it provides a unique and beautiful insight into Kenya’s tribal past.

Kenya is also ideal for the beach-loving family. Diani Beach, near Mombasa, is the perfect place to rest a bit after your safari. The area is filled with coral reefs, and you may catch a glimpse of the naughty Colobus monkeys, sure to thrill the kids. Pilli Pipa beach is popular with young families. The beach is known for its snorkeling and diving, and here you can get up close and personal with Kenya’s marine life.

If the beach is not something that appeals, then you can explore Kenya’s highest mountain, and the second highest after Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Kenya. The family-friendly park at Mount Kenya and the exceptional beauty makes this an ideal holiday spot for families.

Another must see national park is Hell’s Gate National Park. The park is named after a prehistoric break in the cliffs. You can cycle or take a guided walking tour through the park, while zebras, buffalo and other animals roam free, making it ideal for families.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is near Nairobi, is a great opportunity for a family outing to view elephants and rhinos. This center rescues orphaned elephants and rhinos.  Here the whole family can learn more about their conservation and anti-poaching work, and have personal interaction with the animals.

Kenya offers many family-friendly lodges. These are well-equipped with games rooms, pools and wildlife activities, some specially geared towards younger children. Here they can make bows and arrows, moulds of their footprints and elephant poo paper.

Kenya truly has something for the whole family. Parents can enjoy some relaxation while the children wander around safely on their own guided activities, and the young and old alike will be thrilled with the spectacular wildlife and landscape. Kenya makes for a great family holiday destination.

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