Keeping Your Vape Clean: A Guide

Posted on Jan 14 2019 - 2:21pm by Editorial Staff

Once you get started on vaping, you will wonder why you haven’t already been doing it. It’s very customizable, has plenty of options in terms of tank size, coil type, and even mod kits. From different flavors to different vapor cloud intensities, there are so many ways to make your vaping experience personally yours.

Regardless of how you like to vape, however, one thing will remain the same – the need to clean it. There are two main reasons to clean it regularly. One, because it will help protect the e-liquid from cross contaminating in regards to taste. Secondly, because it will prolong the life of your vape kit, thus giving you more bang for your buck.

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about keeping your vape clean:

First Understand What All the Parts Are:

·         The Tank – Where the e-liquid is held.

·        The Coil – The metal or ceramic coil used to heat the liquid and turn it into vapor.

·        The Mod – What houses the battery. It can control voltage and temperature, affecting the vapor cloud size and flavor of the liquid.

How to Clean Your Vape

Vapes work by heating up a coil in the tank until it vaporizes. When you consider the fact that even kettles need to be cleaned every so often – and they usually only boil water – it becomes clear that you need to commit to regular cleaning of your vape. Not all vapes require this cleaning, but if yours does, then you need to follow these steps:

The Steps You Need to Take

Rinse and Clean Your Vape Tank Every Time You Change Flavors

  • Empty Tank
  • Disassemble Unit
  • Place Tank Component into Bowl
  • Wash Until Clean
  • Let Air Dry

How to Deep Clean Your Vape

Regardless of whether you have a futuristic vape or a fully customized creation of your own, you will want to deep clean your vape every week or so in order to prolong its life and provide a better vaping experience every time. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Disassemble Tank
  2. Use Non-Flavored Vodka to Scrub it Down
  3. Rinse With Warm Water
  4. Let Air Dry

How to Care for Your Coils

  1. Do Not Get Them Wet
  2. Know When to Replace Them

You will know when to replace your coils if there is a negative change in the flavor of your e-liquid. It might taste burnt, for example, or the coils themselves might look dark, crusted, or damaged. Other indicators include leakage or a change in vapor cloud density. When this happens, you need to replace the coil with a new one.

How to Properly Use Your Vape

Not all vapes, however, necessarily need to be cleaned, and trying to take one such vape apart to clean it can cause unnecessary damage. For example, NJOY vapes have disposable pods or capsules that you simply switch. Know how to properly use your specific vape in order to maintain its integrity and prolong its life. Keeping your vape clean is as important as any other utensil or tool you use for consumption. It helps prolong its life and allows you to enjoy a perfect experience every time.

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