What Jobs Are Good For Someone With Limited Work Experience?

Posted on Jan 16 2018 - 5:48pm by Editorial Staff

There’s an age-old problem in the job market where people apply for jobs and get turned down for lack of experience. It’s often wondered how you can gain experience if no one is hiring you because you don’t have experience. The truth is, you just might be applying for jobs that are a little bit out of your reach. Most jobs that aren’t ‘entry level’ will demand some experience as they’re usually quite skilled jobs. But, there are loads of options out there for people that have never worked before in their life.

In fact, to illustrate this point, here are some jobs that are good for anyone with limited work experience:

Sales Advisors

If you’re looking for a job that doesn’t emphasise the importance of experience, pays relatively well, and offers room for growth, then maybe you should become a sales advisor. There are loads of sales advisor jobs out there because loads of companies need sales advisors! Pretty much every retail company in the country is hiring for these roles constantly. Not only that, but you have loads of outsourcing centres looking for new sales employees too. The great thing is, due to the sheer demand for these roles, companies will rarely as that you have experience. More often than not, they provide training on the job, making it ideal for anyone looking for their first line of work. Plus, a sales advisor is normally at the bottom of the company ladder, but there’s always room to grow in this role. You can become a sales team leader, a sales team manager, and work your way up through the ranks.

Retail Assistant

A retail assistant is similar to a sales advisor, but your role extends beyond just plain sales. Instead of directly trying to sell products/services to consumers, your role is to work in the retail store and assist with various duties. This could mean you’re behind the till serving customers, or you’re out on the store floor stacking shelves and replenishing stock. Again, this is a job that doesn’t demand a great deal of experience usually because retail stores are always eager to hire more staff. Turnover rates in many retail stores aren’t great, so they’re constantly in the middle of a hiring process. Furthermore, you often get seasonal retail roles where companies look to bring in extra staff for the Christmas or Summer periods. This is the perfect opportunity to get your foot on the career ladder and gain work experience.

Admin Assistant

If you’re keen to work in an office instead of a retail store, then an admin assistant role is great for you. You’ll carry out basic office tasks such as answering the phone, booking appointments, and working with the rest of the office team. The reason it’s good for someone with limited work experience is that companies rarely have high demands for these roles. A lot of the work you do may be specific to the company, so they’ll have to train you anyway. Plus, businesses are getting into the habit of hiring someone to be a standard admin assistant, then training them on the job to do other tasks such as payroll, etc. This means the company can get one person doing multiple jobs, so it works well for them as well as you. Again, it’s another job where you can rise through the ranks too as office businesses like to promote from within.

Customer Service Advisor

There are loads of big call centres up and down the country filled with customer advisors. This is a job that doesn’t demand a great deal of experience because most of your role requires you to conform to a set pattern. You’re given sheets to read from and certain questions/processes to follow. Therefore, you learn as you go along, and no two customer service jobs are the same. As with some of the other jobs on this list, the role of customer service advisor is heavily in demand. This means a lot of companies can’t afford to be picky as they just need more staff right away. Hence, the criteria for these roles is fairly basic, and anyone can apply.

Generally speaking, these are the types of jobs you should look at if you have no experience at all. It’s worth giving the job application a thorough read before you apply for any job. Normally, it will specifically say whether experience is required or not. This saves you from applying for jobs you simply won’t get, which can be demoralising! Try applying for these jobs if you want to stand more chance of getting hired and gaining experience as you work.

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