ITU Holding ‘Patent Roundtable’ To Discuss Patent Lawsuits In October

Posted on Jul 7 2012 - 5:09am by Editorial Staff

BBC reports that the International Telecommunication Union is going to host a “patent roundtable” on October 10th in Geneva. The purpose for the discussion is to let the major industry companies as well as organizations to have a platform to talk openly and come into open discussion on various patent lawsuits going around the world.

Dr Hamadoun Touré, ITU Secretary-General: “We are seeing an unwelcome trend in today’s marketplace to use standards-essential patents to block markets. There needs to be an urgent review of this situation: patents are meant to encourage innovation, not stifle it. Acknowledging patent holders and user requirements, as well as market needs, is a balancing act. This timely multi-stakeholder roundtable will help press for a resolution on some of the critical issues.”

Over and top, there is no information or on details that who all are going to participate in the roundtable discussion, while we keep an eye on it and will inform you all accordingly.

(Image Credit: ICANN Wiki)

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