iSuppli: Netbooks Shipments Will Be ‘Zero’ In 2015

Posted on Apr 30 2013 - 5:56am by Editorial Staff

According to the latest numbers from IHS iSuppli, shipments of netbooks this year are forecasted to amount to just 3.97 million units, a huge 72 percent falloff from 14.13 million units in 2012. Netbooks, which started its journey in year 2007, then peaking in 2010, when shipments reached a new height of 32.14 million units, but now, it is expected that in 2014 it will be worse with only 264,000 units to be shipped in 2014 and by 2015, it’s over.

Concluding over facts which lead to such a numbers, iSuppli mentioned that in 2010, Apple introduced the iPad, quickly followed by all sorts of tablets while in 2011, netbook shipments dived 34 percent on what would become a trend of irreversible decline. The iPad and other tablets came in a new form factor that excited consumers while also offering improved computing capabilities, leading to a massive loss of interest in netbooks.

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