iSuppli: Netbook To Say A Final Good Bye By 2015

Posted on Apr 12 2013 - 10:47pm by Editorial Staff

According to a report on IHS iSuppli – via ZDNET – the netbook will say a final good bye to you by 2015. The research firm reported that the netbook shipments for 2013 are expected to fall to 3.97 million units, down 72 percent from 14.13 million in 2012 while back in 2010, total of 32.14 million units of netbook being sold out. Interestingly, the firm says that netbook is currently standing at such a point where it will soon to die and predicted that it will be extinct by 2015.

IHS iSuppli noted: From the supply end of production, the major original equipment manufacturers of notebooks will have already terminated netbook production at this point. Whatever production is left is expected to be limited, or manufacturers will simply be shipping last-time builds to satisfy contractual obligations to customers.

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