Is Business Insurance A Good Idea For Start Ups Or A Waste Of Money?

Posted on Nov 17 2015 - 3:05pm by Editorial Staff

As a startup business, you will no doubt have plenty of costs to consider before you begin trading.

Many new firms prefer to take out insurance cover to meet their needs. After all; the last thing they want to do is end up bankrupt because of a mistake they made!

Of course, one has to consider whether business insurance is a crucial startup expense. In short, the answer is yes – and here’s why:


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It protects you against financial disaster

The reason companies take out insurance policies is simple. They want to avoid being liable for large compensation claims. Insurance costs are rather low in comparison to the money you might have to pay out if you get sued!

Business insurance for start ups is just as essential as it is for established firms. We have insurance for our cars and our homes. It makes sense to protect our businesses from financial risks too.

Some forms of business insurance are a legal requirement

When you start a new business, there is a lot of “red tape” to contend with before you can start trading. For example, you have to register with the relevant tax authorities so that you get a tax ID for your business.

You also need to register your new company, so that your trading entity becomes official. But what about insurance? You might not know it, but in some parts of the country the law requires you to have business insurance.

Even if it isn’t mandatory, you should still consider the protection business insurance gives.

It makes your customers more confident in your brand

Believe it or not, business insurance can help to inspire brand confidence with customers! That’s because they want to know they’re dealing with a firm that does everything by the book, as it were.


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All too often, people come across firms that have no insurance backup. Let’s say that their customers got injured because of poor quality products or services. Who will pay out the compensation claims in those cases?

Customers want to know that firms are reputable enough to have insurance backup in place.

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