iPhone – Which Among The Seven Types Of iPhone Users Are You?

Posted on Jan 17 2012 - 6:24pm by Editorial Staff

iPhone – Almost every other face is holding it. Well almost everyone does. It seems those who don’t have the one are either thinking that some good scheme knocks their door or something else happens. Either way, they would have one if they could.

Have you ever wondered having the iPhone may identify your “iPhone owner type” – yes I am talking about owner types? According to All Area Codes, there are total of seven types of iPhone owners. You might have seen a lot of fanboy archetypes around you, those loyal apple customers who die for the latest, great version.  These are the ones who show up to apple stores the night before the launch of a new iphone, waiting to be one of the first to buy it. These are the ones I see at the mall in lines wrapped around a kiosk.

Another common archetype is definitely the “senior citizen.” They keen to have the new hip technological item, but use it to call only. They just aren’t as technologically savvy as us youngsters who spend our days playing games or reading fashion blogs.

So if you have an iphone, you MUST confess, which archetype are you? Do you fall into any of the seven categories or do you need to discover your own??

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