iPad Presentation – Steps To Make It A Success

Posted on Feb 24 2013 - 4:41pm by Editorial Staff
iPad 3

The iPad 3, with its new Retina display and compact size, is the ideal tool for making presentations on the go. It has immense capabilities that just need to be explored to create the most effective presentation. Here’s how:

  1. Keep its strengths in mind- to get your message across on the screen of an iPad, keep in mind that bigger is always better- including font size, images, etc. Although, you can use its portability to your advantage if you want to display details better- pass it around the table for a better look.
  2. While one on one demos are easier on the iPad, you should consider using a projector for a larger group. A number of companies make portable projectors that are compatible with the iPad. Another option is to use Apple TV and AirPlay to wirelessly stream your presentation to any HDTV, with the help of a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Your iPhone can also aid in your presentations as it can be used as a remote to make flipping slides easier than doing it by hand. For a basic presentation, the KeyNote app is a good choice which can be controlled by the KeyNote remote on your iPhone. But if you want to go a step ahead, use 2Screens Presentation Expert which you can use to view slideshows, take on screen notes and even to convert your iPhone into an on-screen laser pointer.
  4. Try Prezi or SlideRocket, two alternatives to PowerPoint which are specifically built for the iPad with unique features such as multi touch gestures. While SlideRocket has features for HD videos and animations, Prezi specializes in bringing your ideas together by creating mind maps.
  5. Use your iPad as an electronic white board to make your session more interactive. Apps such as Power Presenter allow users to make notes on documents and slideshows. You can record audience feedback and even brainstorms and group discussions during the presentation.
  6. The iPad offers tools for improvised graphics such as TouchDraw and OmniGraffle which offer free hand drawing tools to illustrate business processes in the course of your presentation.
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