Introduction: DIY Disasters (Infographic)

Posted on Oct 30 2013 - 2:59am by Editorial Staff

D.I.Y – Do it yourself always seems to go hand in hand with the thought that is will be easy if you can do it yourself. Just because you have the right tools and what you believe is the capability to do it does not mean D.I.Y will be easy.

Countless companies sell flat-pack furniture, ‘build your own’ kits and more spouting how much better it is to build something on your own, how much money you will save and the satisfaction you will feel from completing such a task! This often is not the actuality – frustration, injuries and unfinished jobs are more often than not the result of D.I.Y undertakings.

D.I.Y Disasters can be anything from accidently stepping on a nail to having to evacuate your whole street from bursting a gas pipe. Although most are accidents caused by pure misfortune or lack of knowledge the real problem is people don’t learn from their mistakes. When it comes to D.I.Y and especially if you want to avoid your own disaster it is vital to always start at your skill level, never take on a job that seems too big a task as it probably will be and always ensure safety of you and more importantly others is your top priority.

Don’t waste time, money and energy of D.I.Y Projects that you know you won’t be able to complete, start small and advance your skill level by practicing all the time. Don’t expect miracles, have patience and stick with it till the end and don’t think you know best – follow the instructions.

Learn from the mistakes of the people below and avoid your disaster when doing D.I.Y. doesn’t end up in hospital with broken bones or worse for the sake of a new coffee table. If all else fails call the experts and get the job done once and done right!


Infographic Credit: Mr. Home Inspection Services Inc.

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