Introducing – Platform That Gives Power To Buy And Sell With Friends Of Friends

Posted on Nov 10 2012 - 10:18pm by Editorial Staff

Have you ever wondered that what’s going to big when you come across a platform through which you can buy and sell with friends as well as friends of your friends, just like a long loop network. Sounding like the next big thing, but this is not something just in dream, but it’s happening in real.

I came across the service name which allows its users the power to buy and sell with friends and friends of your friends and all over the top it charges no fees. The service not only takes all your worry away but also allows you to ask your friends the answer of questions such as Will he pay me? etc.

Moreover, the service not only limit to only that extend, but also say suppose you are having 350 friends on Facebook, you can have about 75,000 friends of friends, allowing you to have huge network alongside with a secure marketplace. If, it sounds like a plan, actually a better plan to have connections as well as getting the power of buying and selling, you need to join straightaway.

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