Intel Confirms Internet TV Service, Coming Within A Year

Posted on Feb 13 2013 - 12:08pm by Editorial Staff

At the D: Dive Into Media event on Tuesday, Intel confirmed that it is developing an Internet TV service with a set-top box although rumors being in air from quite long time, counting back from March 2012. According to Erik Huggers, corporate vice president at Intel Media:

We have been working for about a year now to set group called Intel Media. It’s a new division with new people — people from Apple, Netflix, and Google. And it’s devoted to developing an Internet television platform.

For the first time we will deliver a new consumer electronics product under a new brand. We’ll offer consumers a box and they’ll buy this directly from us. It’ll be an Intel-powered device with fantastic industrial design. But it’s not just a device. We’re working with the entire industry to figure out how we get live TV to consumers over the Internet.

The company says the Internet TV will be out within a year. Stay tuned with us and we will bring out all the updates in your very own mobile and gadget magazine I2Mag.

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