Instagram Photos Uploaded From Third-Party Windows Phone App Being Deleted And Blocked

Posted on Jul 30 2013 - 5:52pm by Editorial Staff


While all other services plans to have Windows 8 support, but it seems that Instagram trying to pulling its hand behind it. As one of popular unofficial Windows Phone Instagram app which supports viewing and uploading of Instagram photos, now appears to be seemed blocking users on using the service.

The developer Daniel Gary who known well behind Instance claims says that the service is deleting images once they are uploaded using the third-party Instance Windows Phone app. “Evidently Instagram has little spies that watch every @WindowsPhone user and deletes their images after uploading. #onlythingicanthinkof, Daniel tweet reads.”

It would not be good at first to say that Instagram already started tracking uploads from the Instance app and result of which its actively involved in deleting user content but it also be possible that there will be some technical problem involved. We has reached out to Facebook and Daniel over discussing the issue on what exactly behind the removal of Instance photos as such.

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