Insider Secrets To Get Past Online Applicant Screening Robots

Posted on Apr 24 2017 - 7:27pm by Editorial Staff

Nowadays, it’s important to have as it helps you navigate through life while building your way to prosperity. When you’re unemployed, it may cause financial hardship, and because of this, you look for the best way to consolidate credit card debt, and start over.

However, looking for a job isn’t easy; aside from the competition within the job market, one big obstacle is how to get through the job application screening robots which is flawed within itself.

This is the most common complaints of job seekers who are using online job application platforms. This isn’t hearsay or an isolated issue; in fact, it has been tested several times by some big institutions.

What Are the Flaws of Online Applicant Screening Robots?

Online robots have flawed algorithms that are different to what appears on the employer’s dashboard. The problem is that not all data is processed. This becomes a problem not only for job applicants but also for employers.

For employers, they don’t receive 100% of data. This will prevent them to have a conclusive assessment of job candidates. Moreover, many employers don’t seem to recognize such problems yet because the problems are still there.

For job applicants, they can’t land the job they want no matter how qualified they are. Even the most qualified job applicant can be rejected by application robot for technical reasons.

If your resume is not well-formatted according to the format being presented, then your application might get thrown out. The most common flaw is that there are time’s job application screening robots fail to read critical information such as experience and skills. As a result, employers think that the applicant doesn’t have enough skills or experience.

Why Do Employers Still Use a Flawed Platform?

Online job application screening robots are used by many companies because they want to reduce the workload of their recruitment division, so that other recruitment personnel can perform other tasks.

This will prevent companies from hiring additional people. If they do it manually, a large percentage of applications won’t be gone through, and this is worse than using an online job application screening robot.

How to Get Past Online Applicant Screening Robots

Flaws are there, and we don’t know when they will be eliminated. Since we have a choice then to go through it, we can find ways to beat it so your application is considered.

Here are the best ways to do this:

  1. Don’t send your resume in PDF format as it can’t be read by the system.
  1. Avoid using tables or graphics. The system doesn’t read them either.
  1. Optimize your keywords on your resume because the tracking system scans specific keywords and key phrases on your resume to match it with the content on the job ad.
  1. Use the phrase “Work Experience” rather than using other creative phrases such as professional experience or career achievement. The robot may not understand this.
  1. To ensure your work experience will be read by the system, begin with the employer’s name, then your title, and afterward the dates you had your title.


Artificial intelligence for job screening is now being used by many companies, but some AI applications aren’t that intelligent as we expect them to be. They still have lots of issues that need fixing.

Nevertheless, artificial intelligence keeps evolving and improving as time goes by. So far, it’s unreliable, so companies should not depend on this so much until a perfect AI is available for use in online job screening.

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