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Posted on Oct 1 2013 - 12:41am by Manuela Theissen


Alright! You have carefully planned and placed the business that you want to venture. And, perhaps, you definitely can see yourself in front of the mirror your eyes that’s turning into a dollar sign. Yeah! What else any entrepreneur thinks of each day, day after day.

But, do you think so waiting for the money to come in ends after putting-up the physical or online store? Will it likely turns those people who will pass by, browse into your page, into customers who will buy your products or avail your service? That kind of waiting will give you nothing at the end of the day. Not a single dime. You will then likely to wonder on why hasn’t even one customer come; not even a single prospect customer? What’s wrong? What’s lacking?

‘What’s lacking?’ And, that’s the exact question to ask for.

Then, what? Easy (although it’s not really easy as it sounds). You have to tell the people what you are selling or services that you are offering. Think of yourself in the middle of the marketplace. What likely would you do to capture captivate prospect customers?

Market. Market. Market. Telling the people, it’s marketing. However, here’s the catch. Going through house to house promotion, standing side streets giving out that small piece of paper with your businesses name have been long gone. You should know that people nowadays are very much inclined with using technology. Turning on that lightbulb in your head will clearly give you the answer – the INTERNET.

Each day, people are a lot busy on their daily to-do’s, but it’s a fact, we couldn’t miss a single day without going online and checks on anything that’s up on web, especially on social community. Already know what I am thinking about? Yes! Social community or social media  can produce a soothing fragrance for your business that’s surely to dazzle hundreds or even thousands of customers.

These social media platforms are the perfect marketplace for your businesses success:

  • Only a few does not know or have an account on Facebook. So, why not make use of it? Reach out those people beyond your physical community. Create a Facebook page and share it to your audience across the web. Tell them what’s your business is up to now. Promote!
  • Converse with real people with Twitter. Sharing information about your business is good. But, connecting to the community greatly helps. Take time to get held of what people would like to say about your offer. Now is the time to get to know your audience as these people will likely become your customer. It’s hearing what it entails to be a customer. Ask what they want.
  • The increasing number of Google+ people likes to hear what your advertising content expresses. They say ‘Content is the King’. I’d say to that! Do a little bit of write-ups about your business. Write-ups that does not advertise, but a content that simply telling moms why they should match the color of their kids birthday cake to its decoration (this is it when you are into baking cakes). Share it to real people in G+. And, see for yourself what it follows.

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