Improve Your Negotiation Skills With 4 Easy Tips

Posted on Oct 2 2013 - 12:17am by Davis Miller


Negotiations are an important part of our daily lives. Every situation we have to deal with is different and there are essential aspects we must consider prior to settling on a strategy. In most cases, it all depends on the purpose of the negotiation and on the person with whom we’re talking to. To get what we want, great skills are mandatory. Let us assume that you feel entitled for a salary raise but your boss has no intention in giving it to you. How do you approach the problem?

Emphasize how valuable you are to the company

Are you valuable to their business? Do you have an important role? Do you think that they could replace you effortlessly? Unfortunately, employees undervalue the things they offer to their organizations. Don’t do that; take the time to reflect on your responsibilities and on the tasks you have to accomplish. Would it be simple for your company to hire a new employee and train them to do your job? It’s very easy to assume that you’re at the mercy of your company, but the truth is that you have more power than you can imagine.

Make sure you don’t get too confident. Some companies tend to treat their employees as “dispensable assets”, so if they see that you are over-confident they might fire you. What you really have to do is determine what you can offer to your firm. Spend some time thinking about your talents, strong points and interests, and you will be able to identify your real value.

Don’t hesitate to ask

When you attend an interview for a certain job, you have the right to negotiate your salary. The same applies when you want to ask for a pay rise. If you’re entitled to a higher salary, do your best to get it. Discuss with your manager and express your opinions. You could miss the opportunity to enjoy a better salary if can’t find the courage to speak your mind. You could also be tempted to accept your employer’s first offer, mainly if you’re desperate to find a job or preserve the one that you already have. Adopt a different attitude and try to make a counteroffer before closing the deal.

Think about non-salary options

When employees hear the word “salary”, they immediately think about money. You might want to reconsider your remuneration options. It’s very important to be flexible when you want to obtain something. If a company can’t offer a salary raise, you can come up with a creative idea and ask for non-monetary incentives. For example, you can negotiate better working hours or more days off. In addition, you can also request your boss to make some changes at the office and make the space more comfortable. A brand new Espresso machine can work wonders for employee motivation; there are many other things you can ask for without involving money, and if the other party values your work they’ll eventually give in.

Don’t let a “No” discourage you

If you have a non-confrontational attitude when you discuss with your boss and you mention your pay raise at the right time, the worst thing that can happen is to hear “No”. Be prepared to handle this situation and make sure you can control your emotions. Think about this scenario and about your potential reaction to it before negotiating with your boss. This way, you can be sure that you’ll respond properly. Keep in mind that a negative answer doesn’t have to be forever, so it shouldn’t discourage you. Ask when you can re-examine the problem and a “no” can always become a “yes”.

Do you think you’re prepared to negotiate a salary? Are you courageous enough to take ‘no’ for an answer? Just like any other business domain, negotiating a salary can be demanding. An employee must be determined and eager to speak his mind, while a manager should be willing to listen. You can easily reach a mutual agreement; it’s in your interest to get what you deserve and it’s in their interest to keep you on the team because they value your work. Win-win solutions in salary negotiations are not impossible to achieve as long as both the employer and the employee are open to making concessions.

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