Improve Your Resume With Non-Work Related Skills

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 11:08pm by Editorial Staff

If you are struggling to provide evidence for a job application because you don’t have the relevant work experience, then you can always look outside of the box, and include skills outside of a workplace environment. Many people use experience that they have build up through their hobbies, their time at college, or even family commitments that they have.

When a job asks for relevant experience of doing a particular task, it does not necessarily mean that they need it to be in a working context. So for example, if you have only recently graduated, you won’t be able to apply work-related experience unless you have had previous jobs that have supplied you with the relevant experience. However, if they are looking for someone who can demonstrate teamwork and you worked on a team project at college, or you were part of a sports team, draw on these examples. It is much better than not being able to provide any evidence at all.

Employers know that you have to start off somewhere and it is not always possible to provide work-related examples, but many employers will be more concerned about the types of skills and personality that you can demonstrate, rather than direct working experience.

Other skills such as organization can be demonstrated through different types of experience. Maybe you have organized group trips or sporting fixtures? Ordered sports kit or arranged sponsorship for your sports team? All of these skills are valuable and show that you have an aptitude for taking on the organizational responsibilities.Similarly, you can show your dedication for your team with customized jewelry, which not only looks good, but can be a talking point with future employers. Click here for examples of customized jewelry.

Employers are always keen to employ people that have been involved in clubs, whether it is a sports-related club or any other type. It shows that you enjoy working with people and are committed to achieving team goals. Additionally, through organizing various aspects of sports-related activities, you demonstrate leadership skills as well as organizational skills. These examples will put you ahead of your competition in an interview.

Whereas many people make the mistake of becoming disheartened when a job specification asks for skills they have yet to acquire, do not let this stop you from applying for jobs. Instead, filter in your other achievements, because maybe, they are looking for someone just like you.

You need to have the confidence to value your own skills, and know that some people applying for the same job may have the work experience, but they may not have half the other qualities. If you have held responsibilities in another capacity, then use it to your advantage. If you are applying for a junior marketing position, then showing your familiarity with building social media accounts and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications will help you even if you haven’t worked with them in a paid role before.

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