Importance Of Web Domain Branding For Large Businesses

Posted on Jan 14 2014 - 10:03am by Ted Garza


Brand names or branding is an important aspect for companies across the world. This exercise becomes extremely important for large businesses and global corporations. However, the branding exercise is not limited only to the offline world. In the online world, a webdomain is the primary identity for any company, big or small. Hence it only makes sense that branding plays a huge part when it comes to the name of the domain.

But have you ever asked yourself why branding plays such a huge part. Yes, there are a number of other factors. These are the hosting service – a good or a bad service will impact on the stability of your website, content and design – poorly written content and a poorly designed website will impact your ranking and drive away your visitors.

However, these factors are the after-launch factors. Basically all of them come into play only after the name of the webdomain has been selected. So we come back to the question of the importance of branding.

Let us look at it from a company’s point of view. What are the three things a large business depends on?

  • Clients – Every business needs a client base to survive. They are the lifeline for any company and the only source of revenue.
  • Marketing – Advertising the company’s products and services is the primary goal of a company’s marketing division.
  • Sales – The sales force has to find clients who would be interested in using the products and services of the company.

Each of the above factors depends on one crucial aspect – the identity of the company also called the brand. Now in the online world, marketing and sales is completely different compared to the offline world.

In the online world, the name of the webdomain is much more significant. You see, marketing and sales online are dependent on a crucial factor called the keywords. Keywords are nothing but the search parameters used by people across the major search engines. There is a factor called competitiveness which decides the success of a keyword. The higher the times the people search for the keyword, the higher the competitiveness.

Now the large corporation already has a number of offline brands associated with it. When it comes to translating that success into the online world, they can decide to choose a name for their webdomain which incorporates their most successful brand name.

The company then embarks on a major marketing offensive telling people that they are now online. This leads to a number of people visiting the website. However, not everyone will remember the actual link. Hence they will end up searching for the names of the brands associated with the company.

This automatically means that the search string being used will see a huge jump in keyword statistics. What the major search engines do is that they automatically start ranking the website on basis of the popularity. Hence the company has automatically gained an advantage by using their brand name in the domain.

How does this affect the competition? Whenever people search for any keyword related to this sector, on the basis of the popularity, the above-mentioned company will automatically rank higher in searches because of their increased popularity.

As you can see, even if people are not searching for the above company’s webdomain, by branding their domain name, they will reflect high in the search results thus attracting more visitors and earning better revenues.

Do you agree or disagree with the opinions presented here? 

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