iHS Suppli: Apple Tops The Tablets Market, Covering 70% In Second Quarter

Posted on Aug 14 2012 - 3:24pm by Editorial Staff

According to iHS Suppli report, Apple tops the tablets market chart with its global market share rising to nearly 70 percent in the second quarter. The Cupertino-based giant shipped 17 million iPad 2 and new iPad tablets, up 44.1 percent from 11.8 million the first quarter. Among other tablet manufacturers of tablets, Samsung holds the second position with total 2.3 million units sold, around 9.2 percent of market share. The maker of Kindle Fire, Amazon accounts for 1 million units sold with 4.2 percent market share comes at third place. Asus sold 688,000 units, with 2.8 percent market share while Barnes and Nobles sold 459,000 units with total of 1.9 percent. Other tablet maker sold a total of 3 million units holding total of 12.3 percent.

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