HP Releases The Never Existed Android TouchPad Kernel For CyanogenMod Team

Posted on Feb 8 2012 - 9:22am by Editorial Staff

When HP reportedly moving towards ending its TouchPad stock in a $99 fire sale last year, the company mistakenly sent a few tablets running an older version of Android to customers, pointing the fact that it had tested the platforms within its lab, drawing huge attention of the hacker community, webOSNation reported.

The company has sent its Android test kernel to the CyanogenMod team in order to follow complaints about the company which is not living up to its obligation under the GPL to release its code. The CyanogenMod team develops the most popular Android port for the TouchPad and the new kernels will be used in an effort to increase Android 2.3 and 4.0 quality ports.

HP simply recognised a large number of people were using Android on the TouchPad and wanted to help out. The source code released appears to have been developing separately from webOS on the TouchPad. The last change in the code was accounted in March 2011 – three months before the TouchPads’ July 2011 release, but well enough HP announced the webOS tablet in February.

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