How To Grow Your Blog Superfast

Posted on May 23 2014 - 9:42am by Taposh Kapuria


Are you looking for blog growing up tips? Are you worried with your blog’s present rate of growing? Yes this tip is only for you. We all people do blogging and work hard. But many of them failed. This is a big question. I think this happened when you don’t able to get huge traffic and this depends on growth. 

Blog Commenting

Do you leave this tactis? Yes, we everyday know that most of the comment we left on popular sites that are associated with no follow attribute. Most of all we think that, if this is no follow, why we do comments. But are you know that, there is something has with this comments.

If you left 100 of comments on relevant website, then you will get huge referral traffic. This will grow your blog definitely. Because you able to put your name, your website address and your valuable comments. Most of the name you type will be linked up with your name.

Then you will get much exposure, referral traffic, well establishment name in the internet. No follow and do follow attribute is not matter in this situation. Leaving valuable comments are important here. I already got the results with this tactics. I think, you can too.

Blog Posting Frequency

How many articles you publish everyday on your website. Are there any restrictions or any bindings to post? Are you post only single articles on your website? There are many questions standing here. Someone may be thinking if there is any real value with blog posting frequency?

Yes, there is real value with blog posting frequency. If you publish one article everyday then your blog growth is as usual. If you publish 2 articles every day, then your blog growth will increase more than 50% from average growth. If you publish 2 plus more articles then your blog growth will skyrocket.

If you have a technology blog, then you need to maintain high post frequency. It will increase your overall traffic sure. If you follow this article posting frequency, then definitely your blog growth will increase and you’re overall earning will be increased.

Evergreen Content

Always try to write evergreen content for your readers. Evergreen content have a great value. This type of content always loved by Google. Google always looking for valuable content. If you’re content write with valuable information, then sure this evergreen content and don’t add date on your post.

There are many bloggers who only try to maintain their article posting frequency but they overlook on article quality. This time those thing happen that is unnecessary. If quality vs. quantity battle begin then always try to follow restrict quality. It will help you not quality. 

Long Form Content

Always try to write long form content. Long form content has a real value. This type of content goes for long time. Search engine optimization master Neil Patel already told that article that contains more than 2200 words rank well in search engine. I think every people need to write long form content. This kind of post gets lots of social share. This day’s social share is more important for seo.


From begin to last; growing is not an easy matter. We and all of us trying to grow. We need to take proper decision in right time. We need to work harder and harder. Always is patience. Only work hard not hope for your success. I guaranteed you success must be come.

About the Author

Taposh Kapuria is a well known tech blogger and founder of TalkAndTalkers. He likes to inspire people learning about internet technology.