How We Could Have A World Without Malaria

Posted on Jul 20 2015 - 7:03am by Alexandra Ashton

No matter how much our world and science have progressed, in some way we will always remain regressive. How can we even say we are moving forward if half of our world suffers from the problems that should no longer exist in today’s world? We plan to make a huge space base on Mars, but we can’t provide enough drinking water for all the inhabitants of our planet. Many people rarely or even never think about these problems because they considered it a distant phenomenon. But, is that actually true? Can anything actually remain distant in this well connected new world? Whatever the problem is, we must find a way to face it together, to help each other to thrive.

Can we really say that our world is thriving, if one of the most deadly animals that we are facing is the mosquito? This annoying creature that keeps us awake during summer nights is responsible for 584,000 deaths in 2012. Could you believe that? All of these people died from malaria, a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. It is difficult to believe such a little creature could be responsible for so much pain, isn’t it?

Did you know that 90% of malaria deaths in 2013 occurred in sub- Saharan Africa? Maybe you did. But, did you know that 78% of malaria deaths in 2013 were children under 5? Yes, that is true, children are most at risk. How can we allow this to continue to happen? In this excellent infographic learn how we can prevent malaria and get rid of it completely. That has been achieved in 62 countries since 1960, so elimination of the disease is definitely possible. There are several actions we can do to completely get rid of malaria, such as setting up nets or Indoor Residual Spraying. Discover more about elimination of malaria in this helpful infographic.


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