How To Use Coupons To Get Freerides At Ola Cabs & Uber

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Your grandparents need to be dropped at the railway station and you have a movie you cannot miss to watch without your friends! You have one car and a driver. How do you balance the two? Well, the answer to this puzzle, is hiring a cab for yourself so that you reach in time. With so many cab services now available in most cities, it is not difficult to get yourself some well discounted rides if you use the right Ola cabs coupons and Uber promo codes, while booking the cab. Here is how you do it.

The Cab market is all anew with new taxi providers entering the market almost everyday. Everybody wants to woo customers and make the splash on their entry. The best way to do so is offer some genuine good offers to first time customers. Take Uber for example. If you have booked your first ever ride on Uber, then the company is offering you a free ride (value up to Rs. 400). This offer is applicable in any city where the taxi service is active and no other conditions. All you need to do is book your first ever ride with them.

Ola on the other hand is offering a similar offer but of a lesser value. If you are using their app for the first time, you can get a flat off of Rs. 100. An alternate way to get this offer would be to use the coupon code and get Rs. 100 credited to your Ola account, even before you board your taxi.

Moreover both Ola and Uber have tie-ups with most teams of the Indian Premier League (IPL). As part of their IPL promotions, Uber is giving you a free ride opportunity to the stadium. Ola on the other hand, is offering your free match tickets if you download their app and fill your Ola wallet with Rs. 100 or more on match days. There is no coupon code required. You could be the lucky one and get automatically selected. Plus, the offer is valid in Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Mohali on the local teams match days.

The private taxi market has seen a huge boom in recent times, thanks to technology such as apps, GPS tracking and mobile telephones. Gone are the days, when hiring a taxi meant visiting the nearest taxi stand and hoping that the driver agrees to travel to the destination of your choice. Now, you can not only book your taxi hours and days in advance, in cases of emergency, you can even gauge, how quickly can you find a taxi from a particular taxi service provider, even before you book it.

As the market is still fairly nascent, everybody is trying their luck to get the larger piece of the pie and for this are throwing away free rides and huge discounts. It is only, you the traveller, who can benefit from this. So why not use the right coupon codes and get yourself some free rides at services like Ola and Uber?

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