How to Unleash Your Business’ Social Media Potentials

Posted on Jan 22 2014 - 10:17am by Chris Jankulovski

Social Media

For more than a decade, we saw the power and possibilities of Social Media unfold before our very eyes. Undeniably, the power of Social Media platforms has taken the internet-sphere by storm. Millions of Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets, Instagram selfies and Blog posts circulate social networking sites everyday. Almost any piece of information of random category may trend on social networking sites. 

We are now able to reach a huge number of people through this platform. People share information with each other almost every minute of the day. Celebrities and Famous Brands use this platform to maintain constant presence and communication with their target audience. These make Social Media a very promising new stage for advertising.

This new marketing tool has also been important to Companies to bring their services to the target audience. A post on your profile, proper dissemination of information and constant contact with the customers is, most of the time, what it takes to utilize Social Networking Sites. However, as easy as it may sound, it still entails a large amount of patience, hard work and time as this does not happen overnight.

Currently, there are companies who outsource Social Media Marketers who manage their presence on the social media scene. It is not an overnight success but it would be a shame to not even try what Social Media may bring to your business. Be mindful of these tips to maximize your Social Media presence.

Make an Account

Of course, you have to set up an account first. Open up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blogging site, a LinkedIn account and/or an Instagram profile. Aside from these sites, there are still a hundred more active networking sites available. Although, you have to be mindful that not every platform is suited for every business. You have to evaluate what would best suit your business.

Create a good content

Invest in a content that will interest your readers. You can be informative but be sure to be interactive as well. Good content will make your readers come back to your profile or website again.

Reach your target audience

Make sure that you always maintain a constant communication with your audience. It is not always about posting content. Most of the time, you have to talk to your readers and engage them in a participative environment. This way, you will know what trends are currently affecting your audience and you stay in their minds too.

Ask them questions or suggestions. Use your Facebook status’ comment box as an avenue for interaction among your page followers. You may use your Twitter account as well, reply to your followers and start conversing. For Instagram, you can also use the comment box to start conversations with your followers. Also, compose witty hashtags and invite your followers to use them.

Monitor your progress

There are ways in how you can monitor your Social Media presence. You may track hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and even on Tumblr too. You may see how many people are talking about you or talking about the category you are involved with. Also be familiar with Google analytics, Facebook and Twitter grader and other similar applications. This will help you monitor your activities on these platforms.

Check out how far your Status updates and tweets go. Use the Twitter and Facebook grader to analyze your websites and give you insights on your current marketing state. You may also use the Google Analytics and adwords to monitor trends in search engines.

There are a lot of things that you can do to maximize your social media presence. Although, do note that being on Social Networking sites does not promise to directly convert “Follows” into buyers. However, it helps you reach a bigger audience. One “Follower” may suggest you to another and from there, you build a bigger community. Soon, with proper utilization it will turn into profit.

If you need more help about your Business’ social media accounts, you may hire offshore Social Media Marketers which will help you effectively utilize the platform.

About the Author

Chris Jankulovski is the founder and CEO of Remote Staff, which he started in 2007 and is now the largest provider of home-based jobs for Filipinos, with over 400+ staff working with employers in Australia, the USA and the UK.