How To Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Gig (Infographic)

Posted on Jan 21 2014 - 10:18am by Alexandra Ashton

Are your feelings real or are your ideas about wanting a real job after your internship just a program of some other person who wants more from you? That’s a funny question, but that’s just one of the many that you should face when you’re doing an internship.

Your work is your life, and you’re life will have no beautiful purpose if you can’t do the dream job of yours of working with Seth MacFarlane, Joaquin Phoenix or Scarlett Johannsson in the next film with Martin Scorsese or Woody Allen.

You can be one of the best supreme writing staff of Tina Fey or SNL or the best other schools. There are at least 50% of undergrad employees right now that has no regular job, or are underemployed, so it really helps in every single way to advance your potential and chances of getting hired.

Your ability to interact with other people defines your future success, current rate of career progress and more. If you want to be in the arts, it also helps to be able to work with people and find the great ways to deal with other people’s concerns and be. So go find it in yourself to read this infographic and be more than you are as a worker.

That said, you should consider buying into the idea that your internship is going to depend on how you treat your colleagues, how you smile to your partners, and how you can manage your stress. Read E.E. cummings and all the David Mitchell books, but you can’t deal with the fact that proper subordinate treatment should always be given priority.


About the Author

Alexandra Ashton, Communications at Neomam Studios , the UK based Infographic Agency. Alexandra is a content and design enthusiast with a keen eye for detail.