How To Transform Basement Room Into A Garage

Posted on Apr 28 2015 - 9:44am by Editorial Staff


Many a time you find people looking to convert their garage into a homier space, another living room perhaps. But once you realise the benefits of having a garage at your disposal, you would, in fact, look to convert your basement into a garage. Converting your basement into a garage is a great idea. For one it saves you the trouble of parking your car in a driveway, open, to endure the wrath of the element and two, if you have a garage, you can safely tuck away your car in the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about your car.

Many a time you have mischievous  teenagers who can vandalize property, paint over our car, tamper with your tyres etc. if that is not enough, if the weather is too bad, it can rain down a hail on your beautiful car leaving it with damage even money can’t repair. If you are looking to convert your basement into a garage here are a few tips to help you through the process.

Rethink the whole thing through

Giving up your basement is a huge step and a long term, almost permanent one as well. If your place is small, and the basement adds a little more space, even if it is in terms of storage, then we highly recommend you let the idea of a garage, just linger around for a bit. But if your basement is redundant, and is just getting used as a dumping ground for forgotten stuff, or thing you want to put out on a spring cleaning sale, then converting it into a garage seems like a good plan.

Getting your head around the idea

A basement is generally a closed space (dark and dingy) while a garage needs one flexible entry way, which can open and close into your driveway. So you need to know exactly what wall you need to pull down, or make a doorway into. Additionally, it is also handy to know that you are not going to damage the water supply or electrical supply to your home by barging or bringing down a wall. So have your house plans with you, take a look at the details and try to fit in where exactly you want your garage door to come in, and if it makes aesthetic sense.


Another thing to remember is that the floor of your basement is probably not what you would want for your garage. Garage floors are mostly cemented, so that they are strong enough, offer good friction for your car tyres.

Expert opinion and cost

Converting your basement into a garage is not a one man’s job, even if you are planning to DIY the whole thing. It is always a good idea to consult professionals first or at least talk to them about the costs and other parameter that you may have overlooked.

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