How To Stop Your Divorce

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Every relationship has its lows and highs. No couple on Earth can say that they have never fought, never had disagreements and never thought of taking a break from each other. But sometimes disagreements are more serious in nature, the differences seem irreconcilable and the only way forward seems to be a divorce. In the unfortunate case your relation also seems to be heading that way, many must have handed you numbers of divorce lawyers, they know, but we wanted to give you tips on how you can stop your divorce.

Think on your own

If you are looking for advice to stop your divorce, the first thing you need to do is start thinking on your own. You cannot listen to all advice that comes from your divorce lawyer since he is in the business of working of couples who want to go separate ways. It is good to start thinking on your own about how you want the relation to progress from this point forward. It is also likely that your spouse is not going to be on the same page as you are. So, you are pretty much on your own.

You are not the victim

Since we have already mentioned that this is likely to be a one-sided attempt, you must speak to your spouse and try to reconcile your differences.  The most important part of this discussion would be that you cannot play the victim in these conversations. Rather, you will have to be the bigger person, with a bigger heart and the bigger courage to go through the trouble of holding things together, when breaking them is so much easier.

Show you are the Hero

Since you are taking the bold option of going against the tide and sticking up for what you believe, you are the Hero of this story and you have every right to protect yourself as one. You need not declare it to everybody but your acts are enough to show your heroics to everybody. This is important; because your spouse is likely to see you take charge of the situation and find it an attractive quality, something that can help you bridge the gaps.

Talk to each other

Once you begin this process and your partner comes on board, shun the divorce lawyers and start talking to each other. You might want to make lists of things that lead to major differences between you and discuss them over a span of a few days or weeks. This is going to be a hurtful process, since you will be digging into the past and bringing up memories that have not been pleasant.

However, this discussion is paramount to your coming together and staying happily hereafter. These discussions are going to be extremely tricky and the good way out of it is to come to win-win conclusions for both of you. Try to understand, why these issues hurt your spouse and apologize for your side. Blaming each other for faults and mistakes is not going to lead anywhere.

Believe in yourself

We have already discussed that this process, you have signed up for being an arduous one. To see it through, you need to maintain immense faith in yourself and not give up until all possible roads to reconciliation have been tried and have eventually failed. Things might not go like you expected, but you will at least have the assurance that you tried to keep your relation together and did not just hire a divorce lawyer to clean up the mess you were in.

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