How To Start A Charity For Boats

Posted on Aug 30 2013 - 12:23am by Victoria Heckstall


Often, when people think about charities, they think about fundraisers for charities. Many charities hold events throughout the year to collect money for organizations of their choice. It is always possible to think outside of the box when it comes to collecting money for a charitable organization. Donations are another good way to provide help to organizations that aid worthy causes. Collecting boats for charity, like boat angel,is a unique idea that can be pulled off with a little work setting up.

Find a Worthy Cause

The first thing that you need to do as a new charity is to create a clearly defined cause. The cause can be anything that you are passionate about. Once you find your cause, find organizations to give your charitable donations to. For example, if you wish to create a charity that donates to animals, you can find no kill shelters, veterinary hospitals, and pet foster homes to donate towards.

Give Pros for Collecting Donations

Collecting donation can be better than holding fundraisers for money at times. While individuals may feel that they may not have the money to give, often people will be willing to donate items that they have and no longer need. Donating items that individuals already have may be a little easier for them, as they do not have to consider it coming out of their future budget, like they would with cash donations. Monetary donations are often considered a sacrifice that many feel they may not have the luxury to give. Donating items that are already in the home means giving away an old item that is already paid for. This type of donation is most attractive for some people.

Offer a Benefit for Boat Owners

Owners of older boats who no longer use the water craft may be itching to give away the vehicle. Older boats that are no longer being used or are not in running order are often taking up valuable storage space. Many boat owners also pay to store their boat, which means that the owner is paying money each month to store a boat they do not have. Create a brochure or pamphlet listing reasons why the boat owners should consider giving their boat to charity, especially if they were already interested in getting rid of the boat or buying another.

Become a 501(c)(3) Organization

Charitable deductions are very attractive to tax payers. Since many owners of boats are in fairly high tax brackets, being able to get rid of an older boat, donate to a worthy cause, and claim a tax write off are all incentives to give to a boat charity. Becoming a 501(c)(3) organization will take approval from the IRS. Any organization that collects for charities can apply for this status. Though it may take a little while, this approval is a good way for others to see you as a trustworthy organization.

Find Towing and Storage for the Boats

As the boat charity you will need to be in charge of towing the boats from the owner’s home and storing the boats in a place before they can be sold to collect donation money. Make sure that you have way to transport the boats and a place for storage before you begin the boat collection. You can talk with towing and storage companies to receive help with this as a startup charity. Once you have collected donations, having a dedicated location will help with this process. If you wish to collect boats across the country have a network of towing and storage facilities that are available to help on a moment’s notice with the collection process for your charity boats.

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