How To Spot Fake Fashion? (Infographic)

Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 11:16pm by Alexandra Ashton

In the last 20 years, counterfeit fashion items have caused the loss of 2.5 million jobs worldwide.  The growth in fake goods has followed the overall growth of the global economy and outsourcing. As production moves further away from companies that originally designed the product, there’s more opportunity for corruption and fraud to find it’s way into the manufacturing process. As countries such as India and China build ever more sophisticated factories, the type of products that can be counterfeited there rise as well. Currently China is the main country of origin for counterfeit brand clothing and is also the major supplier of counterfeit shoes.

As more people want designer goods at street market prices they happily buy cheap, badly made counterfeit clothing at a fraction of their retail price. This in turn is what keeps the manufacturers in business. They then find buyers who are trying to get rich quick by selling counterfeit clothing and accessories, either through online stores, market stalls or websites such as eBay. So how do you protect yourself from the mass-produced fake goods that have flooded the market?

Named brands of popular jeans are among the most common counterfeit clothing items. Most fakes are manufactured in China and can very closely resemble the real brands which are also made there. But with a little detective work, it’s easy to see that the knock-offs are not the same. Cost-cutting counterfeits will use cheaper substitutes on the fabric and zips, meaning they are more likely wear out or break quickly. To spot a fake, check for details like the logo name on the buttons and quality of the stitching around the labels, seams, pockets and hems. By paying attention to these visual details it should be a little easier to ensure you don’t get conned, but for more information why not read through our helpful infographic!

How To Spot Fake Fashion? (Infographic)

How To Spot Fake Fashion? (Infographic); Credit: London Is The Reason

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