How To Spend The Weekend In A Productive Manner

Posted on Oct 25 2013 - 12:46am by Paul Smith


For those who spend their time in the office from 9 to 5, or even longer, the weekend is the only time of the week that they can spend the way they want. When the tiring working week is behind, most of us think something like, ‘Thanks God it’s Friday! I’m going to rest and have a real fun!’

But, as the reality shows, weekend fun for most is restricted to sleeping till the noon, wasting hours near the TV or in Facebook and doing some necessary things about the house. Then, it’s far not surprising that on Monday we feel broken and dissatisfied with the uselessly wasted time.

There are many simple ways, however, to make your weekend joyful, exciting and giving you the positive impression that will be enough for the whole next week! Here they are:

  1. Plan your weekends before the Friday night. If you haven’t planned any activity, it’s likely that you’ll be sitting at home not knowing what to do. No matter how small and obvious the actions are, write them down and keep the list in your eyesight.
  2. Don’t sleep until 1 pm. 8 or 9 hours of sleep will be enough to restore your strength. All what is more is excess. So, think about how you can spend these hours in a most productive ways.
  3. Cut on Internet surfing, social networking and watching TV. Surfing the web, you might get a feeling that you have rest, but in reality you don’t rest. If you can’t refuse these activities completely for two days, allot on them a little time – for instance, one hour a day, and any minute more. You spend on the internet five days a week in a non-stop mode, so why not to take a rest?
  4. Go out. Devote as many free time as possible to outdoors activities. Go to the picnic with friends, have a bicycle ride or play active games with kids. Active rest outside make us feel positive and fresh.
  5. Socialize. Meet the people you’d like to see instead of calling or texting them. Visit your grandparents, go shopping with your girls or visit the friend’s party. The actions like this will fill you with unforgettable emotions.
  6. Don’t spend the whole weekend in routine home activities. Of course, doing things like washing your clothes, shopping, cooking and decorating the room are necessary, but spending your awaited days off this way is a guarantee of feeling broken by Monday. So, keep the balance between what you want and need to do.
  7. Plan a little trip. Have you ever thought about spending the weekend watching the sights of the city you’ve never been? Or maybe you feel like going to the countryside? Both variants can simply be materialized and will enrich you with a lot of new impressions.
  8. Go to bed early on Sunday. To spend the upcoming working week productive, you’ll need to be completely relaxed and fresh. So, spend several hours on Sunday preparing for the working week and go to bed in time.

As you see, even if you’re tired after the stressful week, it’s not the reason for being sleepy and inactive on the weekends. Just the opposite – spend these two days in active way and start the new week relaxed and full of positive emotions!

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