How To Protect Your Car Wash Equipment

Posted on May 7 2015 - 9:46am by Editorial Staff

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People who are car owners, take their car for a wash every week, paying anywhere between $5 to $25. You already know how much that means in revenue per day, per month and then per annum. Gone are the days of the restaurant boom, it’s the car washers that are catching the eye, interest and money of lots of entrepreneurs, who are looking for the trend in today’s market. So if you have already invested in one, here are some tips to protect your car wash equipment.

Regular checks and maintenances

Car wash equipment, like any other equipment lasts longer, when they have been taken care of. A well maintained equipment is bound to last longer as well as cost lesser to service. Keep a look out for leaks and any loose parts. Small leaks that are detected early cost less to maintain and repair. If left unattended can cause a lot of money to repair, so make sure you keep a look out for that.

Cleaning the bay

When you have dozens and dozens of cars that come in everyday and go out with the showroom shine, it warms the heart. But seldom do we think of where all that grime and dirt is actually going to. And that grime and dirt can be quite a bit, if you are dealing with a continuous stream of cars that want to be washed on a regular basis. It’s a good practice to have your bay cleaned on a regular basis, as the dirt can clog the washing equipment, which would mean a professional coming in to take a good look at it.

Flush systems

There are several high pressure hose on your standard car washing unit. Some squirt out water, under high pressure, while others hose out soupy solution, wax and other chemicals. Clogging of any hose is not a good thing for the entire machine, and special attention needs to be given to areas where there is accumulation of dirt and grime.

Replacing worn out parts

Any equipment that touches the car will accumulate a lot of dirt. Sponges and car wash textiles, which may touch the car, during the process of a car wash are prone to accumulate dirt and grime, and needs to be changed on a regular basis. Hose and nozzles that work close to the car, too, need regular checks and washes to ensure they are not blocked or dirty. Leaving these unattended can lead to growth of moss or fungus that can damage your equipment.

Overall checks and drying out

A car was equipment is big and there is a lot that goes into maintaining it. Other things like oiling the joints, checking the digital parameters of the equipment, etc. should also be incorporated in the routine check-up of the equipment. Drying out is another important factor, and a good practice is to let your equipment dry out completely on a regular basis.

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