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Outsourcing SEO is a wise decision for small businesses and can drive revenue growth and customer numbers dramatically over time.

One of the key challenges that you may face as a small business is the pricing. Different SEO companies offer different plans and you can choose a plan according to the amount of money you plan to spend.

You need to do a lot of research and find out the pricing trends in the industry. This will help you in making an informed and wise decision.

Some of the services that SEO agencies offer are:


Here the SEO reseller offers software which has a dashboard where you and your clients can track everything, generate progress reports and keep a track of the ongoing campaigns.


A PPC reseller program will help you build pay per click ads according to your particular needs. The SEO company will design a plan of action based on your business needs and the competition that you face in the market.

For this service, the plans start from $199 and are totally dependent upon the budget of the client, the size of the project and the platform that is to be used for the ads, for example, Facebook, ad words or Bing.

Content Marketing

For great content to achieve its goal it is necessary that it is marketed in an effective manner. SEO companies including Caffeinated, have the right strategies to market your content and get the maximum results out of them.

SEO companies design various plans for their customers and the price varies on what services are included in the package. Other factors that affect the pricing are the quality of work, location, the experience of the SEO firm and the competition in the market.

It is important to note that high pricing may not always mean quality service. That is why you need to look at a lot of other factors before making the final decision.

One Time SEO

One-time SEO is an on-site optimization service. This includes extensive consulting sessions and follow-up work. The pricing of such a service depends upon the size of the project and how complex it is.  Since it is a project which addresses very specific needs of the client and is completely customized, the competitive market pricing does not come into picture.

The pricing for this service ranges anywhere between $1000 to $10000+ depending on the size and the work that needs to be done.

SEO site Audit

SEO site audit is not as extensive as the one time SEO. It addresses the shortcomings of a website and identifies areas of improvements. A detailed plan is developed to explore and utilize identified opportunities.

The pricing for this service can range anywhere between $500-$10000+

Local SEO

This type of service mainly addresses small businesses that have a limited geographical presence with high population density or a large geographical presence with low population density. For example medical services, car washes, grocery stores, local cafes, or any other small local business.

The pricing can range anywhere between $250-$5000+.

National SEO

National SEO services are for businesses who want to target a national audience within a country. There is no geographical limitation. Businesses like ecommerce sites are an ideal example for this service.

The pricing can range between $750-$10000.

Per hour SEO

Here you are charged on an hourly basis for the services. The number of hours spent during a period of time is billed. It is a customized service which can you use on as and when required basis.

The price ranges between $50-$700.

Certain SEO companies also offer services such as a reporting software which you can use when your only requirement is to generate reports. You can use this reporting software to track data and goals and generate reports. Pricing for such services is low and may fall anywhere around $40 a month.

Along with the above information you also need to be aware of what should not be included or used to justify the pricing. The SEO company should not charge you for the number of keywords and link acquisitions as good SEO companies do not aim to generate high link volumes.

The number of pages to be optimized should not be charged because an ongoing campaign would in fact optimize the growing number of pages automatically.

There are a number of plans available in the market. You can choose the one that fits your budget and your needs. These are general market trends for SEO pricing, however, every company designs their own unique plans. Researching and investing time to find out the best plan can be very beneficial for you in the long run. Cost is a major factor when choosing a service however it should not be the only deciding factor.

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